Me, me, me!

Okay people. I'm fired up, on board with the program and rarin' to go! BigDaddy gave me a Get Out of Jail Free card tonight so I took it and ran! I was literally gone for about 5 hours- marathon shopping. I don't look at the clock and I piddle. Piddling is something non-parents get to do. Singletons. People with Nannies. Parents with grandparents nearby. I rarely get the night to piddle.

So of course I went to Target! And Ollies (local closeout store) and Ross, and WallyWorld Can I seriously leave the house without visiting Walmart? No, not so much. I had a bunch of returns and lots of odds and ends. I wanted to get started on my Family Command Center and I grabbed school supplies from the Great Kindergarten Supply List. I also went to Panera and ate slowly, didn't have to share a stinkin' bite and drank all my own lemonade. It was fabulous. I piddled in the dollar zone. I piddled in the school supplies. I even piddled in the sports department- mainly because I had NO idea what medium sized, top floating, bass fishing lures looked like. Thankfully everyone is pretty friendly around here...

So at Panera, one of my most favorite places in the world, I sat eating my Pick-2 combo and watched the world go by from my outside bistro set chair. I thought a bit about this 30 Day Challenge notion. Did I want to do it? And what in the world would I set off to do everyday for 30 days. And finally it hit me. It was ME! I needed to focus on ME for 30 days and make that my new habit. Is it really too much to ask for 15 min. for me? So my 30 day challenge is.... drum roll:
Do something for myself for at least 15 min. everyday.

I also don't want it to involve food, like "make myself a yummy dessert, just for me" but it can be sit outside on my porch and enjoy the scenery with a glass of wine. Other ideas: take a bubble bath, read for pleasure, work-out, go for a walk, call a friend, meditate, learn how to meditate, play wii-- alone. Get the picture?

I love being with my family and doing things "as a family" but I've realized that everyone else's schedule/emergencies/problems dictate what happens in my day. I'm taking back 15 minutes dammit! everyday. For 30 days. Who's with me now??

* Photo courtesy of Gianluca Neri via Flickr.com

How lunzy got her groove back.

I'm in a funk I just can't shake. It's become a habit I'm afraid. A Big Bad Habit. Of doing nothing. I haven't worked out in over a month. My little slice of blogosphere is bare. I haven't planned out a menu plan in who knows how long which means I've made very few planned meals. I've also gained back almost half of my weight I lost. And I'm all flabby. Every part of my life; from my diet, to the garden, to the house, to my organization, is out of whack, out of control and in total chaos. I have lots of great reasons/excuses, but at this point it just needs to be done with.

Time to get motivated. Time for the excuses to go away. Time for lunzy to get her groove back. I found my way to a new blog via PW called Room 704. Anyway, she has a 30 day challenge- Do [blank] for 30 days starting on Aug. 1. I'm not sure if I'm doing "the challenge" but Aug. 1, tomorrow, is a good day to shake off the funk and get my groove back. The kiddos are starting school at the end of the month and I need to get my good habits back (which is said to take 30 days, hence the challenge) before K and PreK worlds collide with my own world.

I consolidated all the new calendars- Volleyball schedule, K school, Pre-K school, various board meetings, College calendar- into one, family calendar. I weeded the garden yesterday and pulled out all the stuff that bolted during our trip, and tied back our crazy renegade tomato plants. I still need to transplant our pepper plants (they are getting NO sun due to the craziness of the tomato plants.) The laundry mountain is slowly going away. BigDaddy is my dirty dish hero. And I don't feel like a truck ran me over and left for dead with two munchkins yelling MOOOOOOOOMM! non-stop. A good set up for getting one's groove back. So another day of planning, dr. appts (BB's K physical), and getting moving. Tomorrow we start! Who's with me?


At least I got tan.

Two & half weeks in Sunny SoCal kicked my booty big time. It was challenging, fun, exhausting, memorable, frustrating and wonderful. Would I do I again? No way. I over-estimated the amount of time that we could really be gone without all melting down... by about a week. Am I glad we did it? You bet. But even more glad it's over. And for the first time in forever, I came home TAN! (Huh? How the heck do you go to CA and not get a tan? Well, we go to CA to visit people, not for a seaside vacation, in general. We don't usually spend a lot of time lounging about by the pool/bay. Plus, the kids are older now, I'm not holding a BABY 24/7 and they can actually play on their own. Lots of sunshine for Mama!)

We got home last week and I got sick on Day 1. Then around Day 5, I woke up with Pink Eye-type symptoms. Didn't I predict this? Sassy got sick at the tail end of the trip, who then gave it to me. BigBoy was sick at some point between us, but in normal fashion was only down for the count for about 1/2 day.

This happens every year, but this trip wore me down especially. Perhaps because BigDaddy left a week before us and got back a week after us. Thankfully my MIL flew home with us to help with the trip back and helped me get all settled at home again. It was pretty miserable. I was a mess, the house was an instant mess and I was just trying to get groceries stocked in my house again. Fresh produce that our bodies were sorely missing, organic milk available upon request, dairy products galore, and of course, my beloved fresh eggs from the farm.

My garden became a bit of a jungle. Our tomato plants are crazy-big, over my head at this point. The zucchini and peppers are quite happy and producing regularly. Our watermelon plants even look pretty happy with lots of yellow flowers. The carrots and beets? Not so much. And our lettuce bolted, as did our broccoli, but I got most of the crop before we left.

BigDaddy got home today after traveling for almost 24 hours. yikes! Finally we are all home. Group hug. Big breath. I'm so beat, I'm almost not thinking about how our summer is almost over. Or that BigBoy is going to start Kindergarten in 28 days. Or that Sassy is going to start preschool in 36 days. Actually, I'm not thinking about it at all. really.


HA! Silly me.

I'm bloated, sunburned, tired, and craving a salad. I despise ducks. My son is the demon child. My daughter is a pinching machine. Both kids are finally down for a nap... at 4:30 pm. We must be on vacation!

Silly me thought I would actually work out. Brought Denise and Jillian along with my sports bras and shorts. HA! I did walk once. Silly me thought I'd get caught up on my grown-up books. HA! HA! I did read Dandelion and The Carrot Seed. Silly me even thought I'd be a blogging machine. I have the laptop and even WiFi in my room. HA! HA! HA! I did upload some pics to Facebook.

But I did have time for this:

and this:

and this:

So here is your post. Not much blog love and I don't promise much in the near future. Gimme a few weeks to get my groove back. We are still in CA until Monday and then we deal with the vacation hangover. You know how that goes. Until then, I'm lathering up my bloated, tired bones and munching on some more cookies under a cabana. TTFN!


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