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Sorry the vacay posts are all over the place.... I will do a time-line after the fact to keep it all straight if anyone is interested.  I thought I would keep up during the trip but I didn't.  Then I was going to just post about the TwiTour, but I had people asking about San Diego.... so.  flashback a few weeks [insert Wayne's World Dream Sequence noises Diddle liddle la, Diddle liddle la]

As I mentioned, we started our Big Fat Summer Vacation in San Diego.  We had both munchkins, grandparents, aunts and uncles and lots and lots of cousins.   The kids were on Cloud 9.  But as I also mentioned, we were not blessed with typical San Diego weather.  You know, boring old sunny and beautiful. every.single.day.  It was chilly. and overcast.  so chilly that we actually ran over to Mission Valley (inland) to visit Old Navy to buy sweats and hoodies.  But we were on vacation dammit! And how can you really complain when you are on vacation in San Diego and staying on the bay at The Catamaran?!  I could name a few hundred people that would still switch places with me in a heartbeat. 

Friday, our first full day there, the boys (BigDaddy, BigBoy, Pepaw and the Nephew) all went deep sea fishing.  The girls (me, Sassy and Memaw) thought "better them than us!" and went shopping for said clothes.  And everyone was happy.  That night we decided to partake in the Luau that the resort does every Friday night.  In all the times we've all stayed there, no one had done the luau.  It was great!  Food was delicious and the show was fantastic!  They showcased dancing from all the Polynesian Islands. The kids were totally in awe of the dancers and at one point Sassy turns to me and asks "Do everyone in Hawaii doesn’t wear shoes and wear grass?" 

The munchkins and The Nephew all spiffy for the Luau. 

We spent the entire weekend at our home-base, the bayside beach.  We got to visit with family and some friends while the kids ran amok with cousins.  Win-win.

On Monday we took the annual trip to Sea World.  The kids love it and we enjoy checking out all the exhibits.  Our favorite thing to do is go back after dinner and see the park at night, all lit up.  We caught the Shamu Rocks night show and rode the sky baskets to soak in the bay's night-scape.  Awesome!

Feeding Bat Rays. so cool!

Tuesday the kiddos went off with their grandparents to the Zoo-- BigDaddy and I passed.  Yes, I know it's the World Famous San Diego Zoo.  and it's really spectacular.  But I'm not really a big zoo person.  And we've gone every. single. year. Have the giant pandas really changed THAT much? doubtful.  So instead, I took a surf lesson in La Jolla.  Woot!  More on that later...

Wednesday, our last day in SD, we drove up to Solana Beach (our daughter's namesake) since she loves going to "her beach." 

I pinky promise this pose was all Sassy's doing. good grief!

We bade a fond farewell to San Diego and headed north to the IE to the munchkins' new hotel for the next ELEVEN DAYS: Chateau Nana. I heart this woman.    (This is where our driving, driving, driving post would come next)

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Anonymous said...

So nice to hear about it and see pics. Sassy at the beach sign is too funny. I also heard Anthony wore his suit a lot. So wonderful to see all the kids together.


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