No promises

No promises, other than I promise this will NOT be as interesting as my travelblog from Buenos Aires. ;) I had many friends and family saying "you should totally blog!" after reading my travel journal, but really, talking about river deltas, Evita and Black Dogs offers much more fodder than say, the new "Old McDonalds" having a cool indoor playarea. (It really IS pretty cool btw!) But here goes....

My sis and I are in organizational overload right now, as noted in her little slice in the blogosphere. But pretty plastic knows my name so well. "Come on Lisa! I'm a really cute little box/container/knick knack that would be so perfect for ____. And look!!! I'm on SAAAAALE!! And gasp! I'm in a winter color, so you know you won't be able to get this exact color in this most perfect plastic box again for AT LEAST a year." I am powerless again and SuperTarget is my nemesis.

So Team Lunz is up for the challenge in 08. Granted, my sis has a bit of an easier job since she is sharing an apt. doesn't have children and can spend an entire day devoted to cleaning/organizing. Rock on sista and get it done now so you aren't me (or worse, GREG) in 10 years.

I have a crush on flylady.net I'm a flybaby wannabe. For now I am feeling pretty good about my fabulously clean and shiny sink and proud that I have shoes on first thing in the morning-- ahem. except today. **We took a family vote and decided today was All-Day-In-Pjs Day. It's -11 with wind chill, what else are we going to do?? I love that most of their tasks are "missions" set up in weekly zones and they only take about 15 min. I can do this!!!

I've also been watching way too many design shows. Have you ever tried to watch anything else during nap time? I am in organizing and decorating/ redecorating mode. Seriously though, just moving some of our furniture around has made a huge difference. I love Designed to Sell and House Hunters and really anything else on HGTV. Just saw this 25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes list on their site that was interesting.

I've decided to be ruthless with toys and books. Do we really need three copies of Down By the Bay and those cheapy happy meal toys? I gave a bunch of unopened Discovery Toys to a friend with older kids (I was a rep about three years ago and saving them for when Nathan was older) and dumped a big box of books at preschool. Want to have a teacher be in love with you before your child is even in her class? Give her a bunch of books and you will receive many bonus points and a great big hug! Gave a ton of baby clothes, literally, to a new family and sent some baby gear home with my mom for family.

Now breathe with me. AAAAAAAAHHHHH! It's almost as good as losing body weight. At this point, I'll take the LB's in clutter weight. Body weight will be the next focus...

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Brianne said...

Oh, yes. I can spend an entire day devoted to cleaning and organizing. But the real question is, do I want to? :)


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