Lunzy Likes: FoodShouldTasteGood Multigrain Chips

This is a quickie post, but wanted to share a great snack item BigDaddy found at Costco last week. FoodShouldTasteGood MultigrainTortilla Chips. He said they looked like a better chip option so he grabbed a bag.  We are a total snack family, chips especially.  But I don't buy them often anymore, mainly because we eat them in a day. We all like to snack on chips.  A little too much.

I was pretty impressed that BigDaddy grabbed these.  For a processed snack, these are a great option.  Tasty, all natural, low sodium and no genetically modified ingredients.The chips contain flax and my favorite quinoa.  I seriously found a chip in a mainstream store with quinoa?? Who knew? They are Kosher, cholesterol free, gluten free and have some fiber (3 grams) for good measure.

I usually don't like "healthy chips/crackers" as they are typically a little too hearty (i.e. cardboardy) for me.  But these are super yummy and the kids LOVE them.  They are hearty enough for a hummus dip, but crispy enough to pass for a tortilla chip.
So again, I didn't get paid for writing this or sent free products.  I just wanted to share a fantastic product with my Loyal Seven.

Check out their website at: www.foodshouldtastegood.com for more info.


Brianne said...

I heart their sweet potato chips!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous. Now maybe Nathan will have chips in his lunch.

Lisa Spector said...

BG- I need to look out for other varieties!

Madge- Maybe, but I still refuse to get single serving bags ;)

Danny B said...

I think Nathan needs to try the Spinach flavored ones in a separate chip baggy.

Anonymous said...
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