Manifestation Board

OH! I started my Manifestation/Dream/Vision Board- whatever you want to call it. (Daune, you are officially challenged to start one this week! Ready, set, go!). It only has five things on it, but I did it. I started it and can add as I move along. It's just a piece of white poster board I already had on-hand, black sharpie drawn border (you are supposed to create your personal area). My five things:

  1. nice big, green house plant fern- More green plants in my house. I realized we don't have ANY!
  2. picture of a balanced scale.
  3. woman doing a yoga pose with "Fit" written under it.
  4. map of California with Sacramento highlighted.
  5. picture of a male teacher.


Anonymous said...

what's with number 5 - "picture of a male teacher"?

Lisa Spector said...

:) Greg is looking for a teaching job

Brianne said...

I want to do this too, after seeing yours. I'm going to make one and take a picture! :)

Anonymous said...
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