charts and numbers and square footage OH MY!

I am really blown away at how little we can buy in the Cal. real estate market. I've been gone for so long that I have major sticker shock. It is unbelievable.

As most of you know, we are exploring the option of moving back to California, Sacramento to be exact. It's actually, semi in our price range now that the market in going in the tank- yeah!! but in our "range" is really a stretch. Indy houses are sooo much larger for soooo much less. But here I am, scouring city-data.com and trulia for bits and pieces of living in NorCal. Sacramento IS NorCal right?? anyway. Part of me is excited to think about this move. tons of perks- great weather (they actually have 4 seasons there), close to babysitters-er- I mean family, and great outdoor activities. But houses are sooo expensive! Have I mentioned that yet? But seriously, I would never pick up from Indy again, I love it here. But since Greg is looking for a job anyway, why not include our home state?

I am a big fan of trulia now. It's cool for info geeks like me- lots of charts, numbers, maps, a sac has a busy discussion board (one of my most favorite things EVER on the internet). I actually just got off the phone with a Realtor who is an active poster there. She sounds like an info junkie too and around our age. I also liked that she debunks everyone else who is saying "you can't get anything decent for under 450K!" so she is my gal. She also has a nice tidy blog and loves dogs. You know how I am with dogs and people that love them. :)

As I bundles the kiddos up day after day here, we had freezing rain today, I am thinking sunshine most of the and little to no snow might not be all that bad! BigBoy is a cabin fever type of kid. We ended up going to an indoor play area with some momfriends and their kids (we each have a 3.5 y.o. and a 1-1.5 y.o) to run off some extra pent up energy with the bonus of letting someone else make lunch. Can you say mini-burgers and cheese please? Nice morning and it's get them both down for a nap at the same time, but what did I do? get online and gather more "research". Oh well, it's for a good cause.


Brianne said...

Sactown is totally NorCal. You'll be saying "hella" in no time.

Anonymous said...

Good words.


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