I love my kids, I love my kids, I love my kids...

I went from feeling pretty geeky cool this morning to sobbing in my minivan-- the suburban mommy nightmare. Today was Gymnastics Day. BigBoy has issues with new things, transitions, etc. All the great "spirited child" challenges. But Gymnastics have actually been going okay- usually.

I threw my back out on Monday, not sure if I ever mentioned it. Out of balance, ha ha. I digress...So I wasn't really looking forward to today. Gymnastics Day. Hot Tots or Mighty Tots, whatever they call it, for BigBoy and Mommy and Me for the Babe and I. I thought about passing on class for me and the Babe, but then it would be worse with her seeing all the other kids doing stuff and I would play baby wranger instead. no fun. Once again, I decided to suck it up and just do it.

He wouldn't go with his class. I sat next to him during stretches (which he refuses to do) and it still didn't help. He loves his teacher, Mr. Ryan and even his Man-Crush didn't help. He pouted, crossed his arms, paced. Everything except rolls, jumps and tumbles. I had to sit him down to regroup. He cried- LOUD.

I was now That Mom with That Kid. I hate being That Mom with That Kid. Because really I am NOT That Mom with That Kid. Okay maybe I do have That Kid, but I'm NOT That Mom, really.

I told him to sit and calm down and if he changed his mind and wanted to listen he could go back to class. It never happened. I had to juggle both kids, my back and my tears. I hate days like this. I got in the minivan and the tears came. Then the sobs came. We all went to our rooms when we got home. After an hour, the Babe was sleeping and I gave BigBoy lunch and back to our rooms for naps.

*** HEY! what happened to my post? I added more and saved my draft, but it's not here and I just now noticed.

to recap my day ended up with all of us taking much needed naps, Dad the HERO, getting home to save my sanity, and then me getting a little loopy on pinot grigio. Wine makes the world a better place for me :) Add a little B&J's Willie Nelson's Peach Cobbler to the mix and ahhhh, paradise.

I put BigBoy down for bedtime and after cuddling he grabs my face with his little hands and says "mommy, you're the best mommy in the whole world". Sometimes I sure don't feel like it, but at the end of the day, literally, if my kid says this I know I can get through another tough day-- and there are sure to be plenty more. The hugs and kisses help too.

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