Weekend recap: nightmares, art and cake

It's 3 a.m. I can't sleep. It's BigBoy's birthday and I'm having nightmares. I even have a headache from clenching my teeth. We have family visiting and I am beat and overwhelmed.

I'm not going into the details because at the end of the day it doesn't matter. It is what it is and I love them. I'm just a wreck by the time they leave and totally exhausted. My kids have played, yelled, giggled, and argued their little hearts out. My son has had pancakes and hot chocolate for dinner and then french toast and chocolate milk the next morning (can you tell I was NOT around?) My house is more of a disaster than it typically is, which is bad enough as it is. It will take at least week for us to get through the "family hangover."

So moving along to happy thoughts... BigBoy and The Babe had their big art show this weekend. The rain stayed away and we had a great day. It was such a fantastic feeling watching the kids see their paintings and photographs displayed in the downtown windows. Total pride. The event coordinator, one of my homeschool group moms, planned the entire event. The kids even got little booklets with comments and words of encouragement from local artists. What a terrific keepsake! I was total proud mama.

That night BigBoy went to spend the night in the hotel with MIL and the nephew, while we hung out at home and got the Babe asleep by 8:30 for Earth Hour. We powered everything down and just hung out. It was actually pretty nice to not have any electrical options- at least for me. :) I know BigDaddy was all about March Madness, but it was a nice, quiet time for us- which is rare these days.

The big event: Five years ago today I became a mom! I can't believe it. My baby is 5. But as he reminds me, he will "always be my baby boy." pitter patter! I let him choose dinner last night (homemade nuggets, carrots, apples, bananas and milk) and did a sundaes for dessert. We've got a big day planned for today. Cake in bed wake-up call then off to a gourmet lunch at Chick-fil-A as it's his favorite place in the whole wide world for lunch. He loves the play area and gets ice cream when he turns in his toy. What's not to like? :)

On the weight loss front I'm hitting a bit of a plateau, which is a bummer. I'm hoping my early birthday gift will help.... wii fit!! whoo hoo! As I mentioned before, I'm more concerned about how I feel and how my clothes fit. I'm close to getting in my skinny clothes so we shall see how this latest addition affects my weight loss. It will be nice to have another option to use at home. Our weather is also getting so much warmer, yeah!! I'm going to start up my t/th workouts again now that my back/neck are better, try to get OUTSIDE to walk and focus on the garden and healthy eating.

Okay team, everyone on board? BREAK!


Steve Hancock said...

That is a really cool idea about the art show!!!

Anyways, have fun with the Wii Fit. We have one and it is a blast. Also what gives us a good workout is Dance Dance Revolution. Something to look at if you do not already have it for the Wii. For the kids they are even having a Disney version coming out this week. http://www.ebgames.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?sku=230524 This is the set with the pad but I am sure they will have just the game separate if you already have a pad.

Lisa Spector said...

Hi Steve! The art show was fantastic. I'm not even mentioning all the details... treasure hunt through the streets at participating stores via art q&a, living artist actors strolling around to ask/answer questions, trivia, and then a grand prize drawing for all the correct entries. Very well done, but my kids were a bit young for all that. The comments the kids got was so amazing, I will have to take pics and post somehow or paraphrase our favorites.

I heard about DDR, we don't have it yet as we just got wii as a family Christmas present. But looked like something the kids would have fun with!

Vanita Star said...

Hey Lisa-Your comment regarding becoming a mom five years ago hit home. Gwen will also be turning 5 this year in May and I keep thinking about her turning 5, but you got me thinking about me becoming a mom 5 years ago. I have changed so much in my views, my opinions, perspective, priorities. What a milestone for us as well! Rock on sister and I hope we can celebrate together sometime soon.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to the boy! I remember his debut like it was yesterday. Congrats on everything else!


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