Announcing the retirement of sassyaztec

This a bitter-sweet occasion. It's time bid my dear sassyaztec adieu.

I'm sad to say goodbye to SassyAztec. Sassy and I have been through a lot together. I first entered the shaky waters of cyberworld more than 11 years ago with her, exploring what these yahoo "chatrooms" were. A name, a name... I needed a name. yahoo and AOL chatrooms and online identities was exploding and all the "good and easy names" were gone. okay.. think. It can't be anything close to my Real Name- what if someone found me out?!? Sassy (one of my favorite words) Aztec (as a San Diego State Alumna, that would work) = sassyaztec. done.

We then found bulletin board journal life, Sassy and I. We met lots of great friends, both on-line and IRL, from around the globe. Dear Sassy, you helped me plan every detail of my wedding, documented every ultrasound, baby kick and food aversion throughout my pregnancies and even helped me look for houses. You and our other friends helped me through some bumpy, lonely times. You even got me blogging and tweeting everyday.

We've created many online memories together, but we must move on. It's time for SassyAztec to retire and promote The Babe to SassyGirl. You've got big shoes to fill baby girl, but SassyAztec will always be around if you need her (maybe at some point, she'll even follow you on Twitter.)

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

Gosh..I can't even imagine retiring my name..I started out as RoxanneRN when I became a nurse and now it is part of my identity! Of course now there is someone else wanting this name so sometimes I am RoxyRN or a version of it. What will you move on to?


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