As I mentioned, we recently got Wii Fit. We started to set it up last night but I feel a little cheated. I had no idea I was going to do the Wii Fit Age Test. Insert dark back lighting, smoke and somber music.

I plugged in my info, chose my Mii (SkinniiMommii of course) and got rolling. Height, weight, etc. Oh a balance test? okay. Oh now you are giving me a "game" at how well I can balance. Oh, Wii Board... we are going to have some words I can tell. Wii Board asks me if I TRIP a lot walking. Mentions that the Balance Test must not be my "forte." Then informs me that I will soon find out my Wii Fit Age. Poor SkinniMommii is now looking bloated in her cute yoga pants and little T and my age? 42. 42??? WTH?!? Yes I want a freaking Do Over Mr. Wii Board! I've decided the Wii Board just HAS to be a man. So I do my Do Over and got 32. TYVM.

We did a few minigames that were fun, then ran upstairs for dinner (Tilapia, Spaghetti Squash and rice- yummo BigDaddy!) After dinner my son and I went back to our love affair with Mario Bros Galaxy. I freaking looooove this game. Me. A non-video game gamer. Wii's target audience actually :) But it's super fun, uses advanced vocabulary and is more about thinking creatively than shoot up- bang bang.

BigBoy got it as a bday present. The guy at the store totally didn't know what he was talking about... shocker, huh? We asked what would be the most "old school" version of Mario Bros that our 5 y.o. son could play since he liked playing PaperBoy at our friend's house in Indy. This is NOT the game. However, he loves to sit next to me and play as a team for "him." Then it dawned on me that we could download the classic game of SMB3 from the wii channel for 5 bucks. duh! Totally basic jumping. He loves it. And now I can have Mario Bros Galaxy all to myself. Mawwhahaha!!!!

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