We are family.

Uh, correction... we are a tie dye family. Yah, that's would include me. Me + Tie Dye. I know what your thinking. Lunzy just doesn't do tie dye. Okay, making it... a fun art project for homeschool. wearing it? not so much. The things we do for our children.

We headed out to our homeschool field trip to Boxerwood Gardens in Lexington, VA. The day was going to be perfect! I couldn't wait to head out. I had finally washed out our tie dye shirts from last week, got them in the laundry and dried. Of course BigBoy wanted to wear them. And insisted SassyGirl wear hers. And mommy too. "We can be a tie dye family." huh. okay. a tie dye family. so not only did I don the tie dye shirt (which actually came out great btw) but I went as part of a collective group donning the tie dye.

BigDaddy bailed on me this weekend (damn work, always gets in the way of family fun during the week!) so I was flying solo, rounding up the troops for about an hour drive. Can I just say how worth it it really was. Boxerwood is my new happy place- physically and mentally. This would be replacing my former happy place from our honeymoon resort in Mexico next to the swim up bar. Did I mention how thin I was too? And childless? With unlimited food and drinks? But yes, this is it. My new happy place.

It was on land that was naturally gorgeous. On a gorgeous day. Surrounded by friends as we watched our kids have the time of their little lives. And it wasn't fancy. tree stumps, mud pits, a running creek, a fence with a plank missing, a dock, old cow bones, bamboo sticks, an "underground" tunnel.... Stuff kids love to do. And we all got to chat laugh about how messy the kids were getting, share a bag of dried fruit, meet other parents. Relax. Be in the quiet of nature surrounded by the chatter of kids playing together. I really could go on and on. Really. We were there for FIVE hours. And of course the kids didn't want to leave. Neither did I.

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Nikki said...

Looks fun! Your photos bring back so many memories of that area. I read your other blogs quickly this morning..off to RN study stuff so we can have time later to paint our wood shed and plant our root veggie section of the garden!


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