Weekend recap: Inside and Out

Happy Monday! Just a quick little summary from the weekend.

I heart wii fit.

I'm at day 7 with my wii fit. I've only worked out on it once, but I've done the body test 6 out of 7 days. My evil scale is so out to spite me. Daily it performs this juggling act, dancing with a few number partners. But my beloved wii fit shows me that my BMI has every so slowly moved down, it even shows me a cool graph (I love cool graphs.) It shows me that I was borderline overweight, but now I'm in the healthy zone. which actually isn't the end all be all, but it's a pretty good measurement for me. I also shows me, my lovely wii fit, that I'm down overall in weight and even lost 0.2 lbs. 0.2 lbs??? I'll take it!

I made sure to mark my spot on the floor where I place the Wii Board since it's in our basement and probably not on the best level ground. So the measurements are accurate in a consistency level. I don't even care the Wii Board called me out on not weighing in on Friday. Looks like you missed yesterday's workout... let's get started! Damn you Wii Board, I think you've got a little attitude problem! It's okay because his bosslady, Wii Fit, is dear to my heart... and I get to stomp on Wii Board when I workout. Sweet revenge.

Overall, I'm doing well with my lifestyle changes. My weight isn't going down, but I don't want to get obsessed about The Number. I've been working out T/TH and did a longer workout on Saturday. Hopped on the wii fit on wed. for 15 min. of game time. My body is really getting used to eating better food now. It's amazing. BigDaddy brought home some baked chips and sourcream with onion soup mix for dip. I ate some (not as much as I would have before) but I felt SO sick the rest of the night and even the next morning. We also had an actual date on Friday! But I ate less than my past would dictate and I was soooo full. My stomach has definitely shrunk and apparently won't tolerate junky stuff. Which is good, it will keep me more honest.

I also want to check out the book Volumetrics. Roni at RonisWeigh talked about it here and linked to an article here, and looks interesting and like something that would work for us. We already do a lot of these things, but I'm trying to add even more whole grains, veggies and legumes into our diet and meals. I'm going to see if our library has it.

House Stuff

I'm really needing to get back into meal plans. The weather is getting nice and we have been outside a lot more, than all of a sudden it's 5 p.m.! ACK! What's for dinner?! Plus, last week I killed the microwave. yes, it's done. We haven't replaced it yet so that's making it hard to get stuff out quickly, last minute. I also have TWO big meals to plan this week as we are a Cashew Family (Catholic and Jewish) so that means Passover Dinner AND Easter Brunch.

BigDaddy has been gone a lot due to spring ball season, but thankfully it's over this week. [Insert me doing backflip here.] I'm a bit overwhelmed with the house.... I need to clean, purge toys and finished bringing out warm weather clothes and purging/storing winter. I did manage to get the kids room pretty organized, tossed an entire large garbage bag of unusable/non-recyclable stuff. amazing! Hid a big trash bag full of stuffed animals. I'm hoping none go missed and I can get them out of the house at a later date. The extra special ones get to stay, but the others? GONE.

My sister and her bf and also coming to visit for Easter. yeah!!! So I'm getting ready for that also.

Our little victory garden is coming along! BigDaddy called the school stables and asked if we could get some horse manure. He went to pick it up and got two FORKLIFT loads- and got some bonus hay, straw and mulchy stuff in the mix. So we aren't going to do the lasagna beds because our horse manure was perfect! Now we just need to cut the mix with some topsoil. Viola!

Friday we came home from our homeschool co-op and BigDaddy was already halfway done. BigBoy scarfed down some lunch and then went out to water down the poop nuggets. yes, water down the poop nuggets until they break up and mix in. I can't make this crap up!

I also found some great websites for gardening that I will share soon!

Have a great week!!

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Any Girl said...

I love my Wii fit, too, but I could do without the snide comments from the little people inside :)


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