My kinda country kids.

I can't fight the fight. I've surrendered to summer. And to Sassy. She's a country girl now and there's no denying it. She runs all over the place after kicking off her shoes (weeds be damned), she loves horses and asks me daily, yes DAILY, if she's big enough to ride them, she adores "wormies" and is happiest outside- usually with the least amount of clothes she can get away with. Yeah, I live in the house around the corner, you know the one with the nekkid baby running around outside.

We spent a lot of time, Big Daddy and I, looking around this weekend at where we have ended up this time around. Married, two kids, living next to a horse pasture on a college campus. huh? How in the world did that happen to two people from Los Angeles (oh excuse me, I'm from the LA Area and not allowed to claim LA proper.) But never in a million years could either one of us imagined being here after meeting in San Diego 10 years ago. But now that we are here, or more specifically NOT in Southern California, I can't imagine being "back home."

This feels right. Feels good. And it's getting better. My kids will probably hate us for not living in California when they get older. But for now they are happy being kinda country kids. Big Boy climbed his first tree on Friday at our homeschool group. He's been eyeing that tree since September. Watching. Studying the big kids as they hopped right up. Friday was the day. He looked out from his perch and beamed with pride. LOOOOK Mom! I did it! I'm in the tree!!

Then he kicks back and tells me This is the life mom! Yeah BigBoy, I think you're on to something.


Deb said...

-->Welcome to Virginia! I've lived in every corner of the state and spent a lot of time in the middle. It has a lot of history even if we don't have a former actor as the governer.


Nikki said...

Glad the kids are loving it! I think you can't beat rural living!


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