School lunch follow-up: menu ideas

It's here, it's here! Our laptop lunchbox! Shipping is definitely not their strong point- FedEx and it still took all week. And I'm a bit disappointed in Sassy's- it's the older version and the little cubby containers don't fit. Thought I checked to make sure, so now I need to call them... But overall, I'm happy with boxes. Bonus: it fits in the Land's End lunchbox. phew! Didn't even think to measure, but it fits perfectly. I'll do a review on them after we've been using them for a bit.

Here is my list I've been compiling (thanks to all you who have sent me links/e-newsletters for ideas!)  I think we are off to a pretty good start.  BigBoy seems more interested and excited about his lunch since he's been helping me "practice" lunch.  I also ask him if there is anything he might want from the store before I leave. He's helped me make our grocery list a bit.  Plan on seeing more meal planning, "spring cleaning", and home organization posts in the near future.  My meal planning has gone out the window with BigDaddy's preseason, we've even eaten at the school commons a few times--- help me!  

Next post will be first day of Kinder re-cap!  Wish us luck!

Let me know if you have any other ideas and I can add them to this list!

Salami, ham, roast beef sliced
Cold chicken breast slices/tenderloins with dip* - We have a winner!
Pinwheels: flour tortilla with roast beef & cream cheese, pb & j, hummus
Peanut butter & honey on whole wheat
Eggs-hard boiled eggs, egg sandwich
Buckwheat pancakes w/ bacon
Pasta salad*
Lunchmeat rollups (filled with cream cheese)
Tuna salad *
Chicken salad
Cold pizza (leftover from homemade)
String cheese, cube cheese (maybe use cookie cutter shapes?)
Black bean dip

* Need to taste test still.

Clementines- peeled
Apples- whole, applesauce
Grapes, frozen?
Banana, flat banana
Spinach w/ ranch
Carrots w/ranch, hummus
Celery w/ ranch, hummus, cream cheese, pb – ants on log?

Kashi crackers
Annie’s bunnies- chocolate, cheddar, whole wheat
Homemade chex/trail mix
Homemade muffins/cookies
Pita chips


Anonymous said...

I got my grand kids laptop lunch boxes within two days but the company is in California. I didn't open them but everything looks like it is inside and fits. Did you try to put other containers in it?

Lisa Spector said...

It took forever to just leave CA. weird. I put everything together (how I realized the pink one was old version) and had BigBoy practice opening the box and containers- make sure he could do it by himself at school.


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