Out with the old.

...stumble.... stumble....*yawn*

I'm sloooowly coming out of hibernation.  I've been getting the writing itch again- I even tweeted a few times! My heirloom seed catalog is sitting on my nightstand with post-its on what I want to try this summer.  I saw a few Robins hopping around the yard this weekend. It feels like Spring is just on the horizon.  It's time to shake off the snow, peel off the multiple layers of clothes, and stop drinking so much cocoa.  Okay, maybe we can keep going with the cocoa.  I feel like I'm getting over the holiday/sickness hangover.

In a nutshell, my crappy old year is finally over and I'm optimistic about my new year.

To say I was going through a funk for the last part of the year would be an understatement.  The ground never seemed stable for me.  It was literally one thing after another and I was overwhelmed, anxious and couldn't face my ever-growing to-do list.  The end of the year seemed to just take for.ever.

I don't do the whole "woo hooo, it's a new year!" deal.  I actually forgot it was New Year's Eve.  With two munchkins out of school and an out of town BigDaddy, it was easy to do. seriously.  I realize so many people were worse off than us. I do. But for me, for my life at that moment, I just needed to get it done with already.  Get to the other side. I cut back. simplified. tried to just take it day-to-day. then I crawled into a hole and just gritted my teeth for the craptastic ride that was Q4 2009.  And then I did my chanting... Things happen for a reason.... Things happen for a reason.  (um, I'm kind of over this....) oh yeah.... Things happen for a reason.

Guess what? It worked! And now the sun is making multiple appearances. And I see buds starting to form. And I can breathe again. More than that. I'm beginning to feel like an up and coming rock star!

So consider yourselves warned my Loyal Seven!  I'm back to celebrate Lunzygras again- maybe with just a few less beads, but back nonetheless.  Bring it Twenty Ten! 


Anonymous said...

Not sure if I'm a "loyal seven" but I'm glad you're back and always enjoy reading what you have to say. Blog on!

Laura H

Lisa Spector said...

Laura- if you are here, you are part of the Loyal Seven. Back at the start, my claim was that I had 6 whole readers. Go me! Then one friend chimed in that she followed too, and I didn't know that, so hence the Loyal Seven :) Glad you are here!

Anonymous said...

I am definitely a loyal one. I am glad you are back. Maybe you can try a light therapy for these times if they come up again. It seems to work wonders on the blahs. So glad you are back. Love your stories. Loved Nathan's thank you note and pictures. Adorable on both counts.

Lisa Spector said...

Thanks Madge. Unfortunately, light therapy wouldn't have helped Greg with his crazy season, host family, do the laundry, dishes, decorate, buy and ship gifts. I really just needed a wife. ;)

Anonymous said...

Totally understand. Will it be better this year or will you just adjust better? I am glad you are back and running. I have always said that everyone needs a wife.:)


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