Wordless Wednesday: Anticipation


Deb said...

-->I hear you sister! I'm ready to til and plant our garden too.


Rachael Bender said...

I'm in South Florida and my garden is finally really taking off. I'll have to post pics of my lettuce! I love this time of year. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have so many snap peas. I also planted from seed sweet peas. They are slowing turning into flowers-one of my favorite smells.

Jim said...

Can't wait!

Lisa Spector said...

Deb- no doubt!

Rachael- You aren't allowed to talk about warm FL weather, I get harassed enough from my CA friends and family! p.s. joined your FB page!

Madge- I can't wait to have stuff sprouting up all over!

Jim- let's do the go-away-snow-dance together :)

Nikki said...

Just weeded out my raspberry patch today! Did the garden patch a month ago but our weather has been so nice that I have to do it again before we plant! I was going to hit that this afternoon but my chickens took priority...had to clean out the coop!


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