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I need to get my groove going.  I feel like it's slooowly happening, but I want it now.  N.O.W. New house, new schedules, new munchkin activities, new responsibilities.  We still aren't unpacked from the move, and I'm not sure when that might actually happen.   BigDaddy is in season so making breakfast for dinner, again, is an option.  My meal plans are barely getting made, much less followed.  Back to school, with our additional post-move duties, is throwing me for a loop.  Doesn't this all sound familiar? ;)  Like last year-at-this-time familiar?

But I also know this too shall pass.  At some point, maybe late Fall, we will be more settled into our house, have our routine down, and be a semi well-oiled machine. And that's okay.  At some point we WILL get there. or not. But I haven't been blogging, haven't been working out, haven't been doing much planning in general.  So this is my feeble attempt to get the ball rolling...

Back to School came and went without a hitch. Nothing like last year's beyond embarrassing sob-fest at Kinder Open House or first day sniffles after the bus left.  I knew BigBoy was excited to get back to school and I was in heaven with his teacher and class.  All good fuzzy feelings.  Sassy started preschool this past week and this Mama has three whole munchkin-free mornings, which will soon be totally filled up with errands and volunteering and fund-raising planning.... but get this. I miss them.  It's the Mom double-edged sword.  You can't wait to have some free time and then you feel all weird cuz your shadows are missing.  Don't even get me started about next year when Sassy is jumping on that school bus with Bigboy-- I can already feel the waterworks are swelling up.

I worked out yesterday, one of my super easy, beginner videos.  But I did it.  I took the first step and struggled through it with my pitiful self.  I even hopped on Mr. Snarky and logged into wii fit.  Even after our eatingpalooza from camp, moving, and vacay, I'm down a bit!  I'll take it! But I'm uncomfortable in my own skin right now.  When I'm grabbing the comfy yoga/gaucho pants as soon as they are clean, I know I'm due for a change. 

I also have some updates to blog about.  Remember when I was on my Know Your Farmer Tour and I committed to buying better, local food? I am proud to say I am now the owner of an upright freezer filled with Polyface beef, chicken and a turkey.  I'm putting my money where my mouth is!  Now that we are home, I'm visiting our favorite farm stand again and I love it.  I'm just sad that it feels like we missed most of the summer season. We still have apples to pick. can. not. wait. but Fall just isn't the same for yummy fresh produce.

So there you have it, my blog brain dump.  I'm hoping to get on here more regularly, I feel better when I do and my mama brain feels a bit more useful.  Ta ta for now.

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Anonymous said...

All good things. Enjoy your fall.


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