Meditating with plastic bins

Our lives have been put on hold yet again..... scheduling conflicts, delayed action, blah, blah, blah.  basically what it boils down to is the Universe is playing this horrible mean trick on me. again. I'm a planner. plain and simple.  and when I can't plan, MamaBear ain't happy.

I envision being "One with Nature" or bending into a Lotus Pose as I strike a gong or quietly calming my thoughts to bring forth a stillness to my mind.... illuminate my understanding.  but that doesn't work too well for a controlling, Type A, Aries girl when her life is in flux. yeaaaah, not so much.   I had to dig into my inner Lunzy-ness.  I decided to clean.

wait, what?! yes, clean. But I actually like to clean.  and iron. seriously, ask my bridesmaids about me ironing all their sashes on the morn of my Big Day. I'm not claiming to be a great housekeeper, this is still your same, good ol' lunzy. I just don't usually get a quiet, easy-going day to enjoy it. the calm. quiet. the instant satisfaction.  you read that right.  instant satisfaction.  and that's just what this girl needed, pronto!

Apparently one of the crazy, southern tornadoes trickled into the munchkins' rooms.  Disaster Zone.... times 10.  so I channeled up my negative, bitter-chick energy into getting the kids room cleaned up, purged, and organized. It's really a good thing we don't have a Container Store anywhere near the Kinda Country. As it is, Target has enough pretty plastic to woo me into a bright pink and turquoise stupor.  Plastic tubs, bins and crates all neatly lined up with the contents packed.  floors swept and vacuumed.  closets purged, banishing ill fitting garments.  There. Control over something.  the act of just simplifying. organizing. making things tidy, it calmed me. I was able to get something done at a time when I feel like I'm just treading water.  Maybe I didn't quite illuminate my understanding, but I did manage to focus on being productive. 

so all the Little People and American Girls have a home, though we haven't figured out where ours will be.  The LEGO bricks are temporarily contained and content, even if my nerves aren't. The Goodwill bags are packed and ready to be transported, however our moving boxes are still TBD.  The task is complete, for now anyway, and though it isn't yoga, it will work. Now, where did I put that gong...


Diving in!

Ready to dive in! :)
I’ve been wanting to jump back into my bloggy world for a while now. It’s time, really. And it’s so NOT the time.  My mammoth to do-list is staring at me.  Well, that is, if I had actually written it all down in a to-do list  I’m sure this is what it would be doing to me. Staring at me. Mouth all hanging open and shaking its head. Geez Lunzy, you still haven’t gotten your crap together? To which I would reply. Nope, still no dice.  

And so tonight, on a night when I got the hat-trick of evening wake-ups and it’s still only 2:30 a.m., it felt like the time was right. Time for a lunzygras homecoming.  I’m just gonna jump in and feel the love. I need you my Loyal Seven (you are still out there right?!) You make me laugh. You hear me when my voice gets all high pitched and I’m entering into the Crazy Mama Zone.  And you tell me it’s okay to go grab my bottle of tequila and hide in the closet/cardboard box for a Mommy Time Out.

My brain is swollen from an possible major life change. Again. My kids have Spring Fever in the worst way (a.k.a. they are being total twerps.) We did a huge dietary change for BigBoy and me and we are now gluten free, among other things—so my meal planning and cooking from scratch is also going through a topsy turvy.   The house we moved into last summer still isn’t totally unpacked and I might be packing things up once again in the next month. So really, is it worth it?  

But life isn’t a big pity party. You didn’t expect that one did you?  I’m overwhelmed, but what’s new about that really? And yes, we might be moving. Again, what else is new? And my kids are difficult. See previous note….   But life is good. For reals.

BigDaddy has been home with us and I have to tell you, after he learned Mama Bear’s House Rules, it’s been really nice to have him involved with the family stuff so much.  And after figuring out some dietary issues for me and Munchkin #1, I’m feeling pretty fantastic.  I’m working out regularly, lost more than 10 pounds and have ridiculous amounts of energy.  We also bought bikes. Bikes! The entire family is able to go on a ride together, which rocks my world.   And it’s Spring in the Valley.  After we sneeze and clear away all the yellow pollen, it’s Gawgeous. Pops of bright green and every color of the rainbow.  See?  Good stuff.  No pity parties. 

So here I am world. Warts, weeds and unpacked boxes.  I’m rusty and I need to find my mojo again, but I’m diving in.  No promises how often I’ll come around and it will be absolutely totally erratic. But then again, what else is new?



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