Don't call it a comeback

Our new 'hood! and a boat I would really, really like to own.  (Mt. Rainer, WA)
Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!

Yes, it's true... we actually made it back to the West Coast!  Same timezone as 90% of our family, same STATE as my sister and BFF from high school. AND we're just a two- hour, direct flight to the grandparents. All six of them.

I still miss Virginia, but if we were going to leave the Kinda Country and my Village People, THIS is the place to do it for.  and we ended up in the PNW Kinda Country. I've learned I'm now a total country mouse. I know, right? and we've found our little slice of semi-rural heaven in the PNW.  No Mennonites or horse buggies, but we have geoducks and driftwood.  We're not nestled in between the the Blue Ridge and Allenghenies, but we do have views the Cascades and Olympics. I'm not surrounded by rolling hills of yellowed winter grass, but I have moss. lots and lots of moss. and it's pretty amazing. like GORGEOUS.  I'm surrounded in total gorgeousness.

I can't believe we've been living here for eight months already!  That really blows me a way.  Five sentence recap: BigDaddy loves his new job, co-workers are awesome and his team is pretty fantastic.  The munchkins are enjoying school and making friends.   We found a trainer for Sass and she's become quite the equestrienne.  BigBoy is a Wolf Scout. and get this...  I have a J.O.B.

The time I spent on this little ol' blog and my neglected Twitter account has paid off.  I get to work with one of my favorite people AND get paid. Booyah!  So when people have asked me why I haven't been blogging, I guess it's because I haven't felt the need to.  It kept me company while BigDaddy was traveling so much. but then he was home. Then we embarked on our new diets (totally glulten free for BigBoy and me) and that seemed totally all consuming.  then we moved, and then.... I was working. and ultimately, The Plan worked.  I started my blog to make sure my skills weren't rusty, that I had enough up-to-date knowledge that I wasn't totally left behind saying a "Twittering What?" Mission Accomplished!

But I miss my little space. I miss my Loyal Seven. and I feel like I have some stories to tell, some info to share, and some documentation I need to... well, document.  So this is the place and it seems like this is the right time again.  It IS actually lunzygras right now (the month of April) so grab your beads and cocktails and join me cuz I've miss YOU too!


Karey said...

Boo-yah baby!
You sound SO HAPPY


Anonymous said...

Love all the good news. Of course I knew all of this.


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