I reek and other confessions.

God I smell. My entire family is sick. Thankfully I am still kicken in full force, just tired from taking care of everyone else. So we have the sick funk going on in our house even though I bought a bunch of Lysol and opened the windows last week when it was actually above freezing. Actually, I don't think it was above freezing, but close enough.

Okay, I am back, just had to go wash my hands again. Where was I? Oh yes, I stink. My 17 m.o. is now sick. This is the worst of the crew. she sneezes on me, spits when she talks, you get the idea. And finally today, she threw up on me. UUUUUGH. I cleaned everything up, changed our clothes, washed up, etc. All this before 7 a.m. But I still feel like I stink. Maybe it's phantom stink. But I can just feel it. The stankiness.

I am still in "Less is More" mode. To feed my frenzy, Oprah has on her organizational guru, Peter Walsh, on last week. I think it was last week. I DVR them and watch them totally after the fact. He's got a new book out, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? I love it. So he basically says if you live in clutter and disorganization, you can't take care of anything else in your life, like weight. (btw- it's disorganized, not unorganized. I don't know why that bothers me so much when people say unorganized when referring to messy things. Unorganized refers to doing things in an non-organized fashion, like being spontaneous. But I digress....) He also talks about "emotional clutter" and how it really gets in the way of clearing your life in general.... the usual Oprah underlying issues that always make their way into every show. But I love, love, love that he says, If your not taking care of something, you are telling me it's not important to you. LOVE IT! That is so going into the Mom Stash of Quotes.

I'm not blaming this on Peter, but the whole emotional clutter thing was getting to me. I stared at the fish. Nemo. my son's first pet, well his own pet, a beta fish. He got him for learning to use the potty. His fascination for Nemo has been waning considerably. Nemo has been really sick for over a month. He floats on top of the water, doesn't eat and developed a weird red spot. Off to google land I go. Apparently Nemo is constipated, possibly from being too cold and his innards aren't functioning, so he has gas bubbles and can't swim against the floating. He also has a bacterial infection, hence the red spot. Nemo is in bad shape, but I smash up cooked peas and try to feed him to help the gas. No go. I change the water again. No change. So Nemo just stares at me with his sad fish eyes, red head, trapped in the artificial tree, with food floating about him. It really breaks my heart that I am essentially waiting for Nemo to just die already. I've been prepping my son that Nemo is really sick and he doesn't look like he is going to get better, but Mommy is trying everything right now. The fact that he is totally fascinated by death, skeletons, spirits (a la Brother Bear) and the lot, doesn't help. I flushed Nemo down the toilet. There. I said it. I did it and it broke my heart, but I can't face everyday with this fish staring at me all day- he's in the living room. He's not getting better and I just can't do it. The worst part was that my daughter suddenly took an interest to what I was doing in the bathroom and came in right at the "pour" moment. "NEMO!" Yep, bye bye Nemo. We waved to him and he, finally, started to swim. Can you just pour salt on my wounds little guy? **BigBoy cried when I told him, for about 5 min. Every once in a while he'll say, I really didn't want Nemo to die. I agree and we move along. THANK GOD.

I'm cheating on Flylady. I haven't done a thing this week in my zone. But in my defense, I've been getting rid of TONS of stuff in preparing for my visit from AmVets on Friday. I have like 6 tubs full of stuff, plus a file cabinet, dehumidifier and a library/enclosed bookcase. Feels GREAT. So in flylady spirit, I am decluttering, which actually I think is really all I am supposed to be doing. But my zone is neglected, laundry is piling up and my dishwasher isn't empty yet. BUT I do have shoes on and I am dressed and ready for the day. And my sink still is looking fab. That counts for something right?

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Brianne said...

Just tell Natty P he went to the ocean like the real Nemo. :)


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