Uno is one hot dog!

A happy beagle named ``Uno'' made history last night, becoming the first of his breed to win the 132-year-old Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York.

I know I am a dork. But ever since high school, when my best friend Nikki took me on the "circuit" I've always had a passing interest in the shows. I will pause every now and then on Animal Planet, and took extra interest in the movie BIS. Maybe I feel like a fringe player and privy to the inside scoop since I WAS THERE in real life. whatever it is, yes I am a dork and yes I was actually excited about the big news in dog world. Rock on Uno! Rock on! You'll have all the bitches at your beck and call.

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Nikki said...

Lisa- of course I already clicked on this dog show news too! I laughed when I saw that you read the article also. Clearly I think you are the only friend I know that read it. Needless to say- I don't miss my dog show and pooper scooper days! -nikki


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