Oprah is my muse

You just gotta love Oprah for kicking you in the butt and making things happen. I'm already fired up about flylady and then I see O's big decluttering show. I've finally caught the family cold in full force and Greg takes BigBoy to practice, I practically force the babe to go to sleep at 6:30. Ahhhhhh...... What else to do but have an Oprah marathon and watch all of my DVR shows, three in a row to be exact. She does a follow up on "The Secret" - The Secret Behind the Secret. I loved the concept of "The Secret" which is actually based on the Law of Attraction. But I was less than thrilled with the book. It seemed like a lot of cheesy "It worked for me!" stories. So I never finished it.

I did like this episode though. It focused more on the actual law of attraction and what that all means.

A few things I liked:

Setting goals and WRITING them down. It really is a no brainer, but Greg and I need to sit down and just point black figure out what we want. Do we really want to move back to CA or will we be just as happy here? Does Greg HAVE to coach? Is Sacramento the end all be all? Next step:

Using a Vision Board: from the show Louise says a vision board can be a very effective tool. "It helps you to focus your thinking on what you want," she says. "When you do that, it's like the universe gives you ideas [on how to get it]."

Forgiving people from your past.
This was a tough one for me. West Virginia was not a pretty time near the end and I have harbored a LOT of negativity. I despised his old boss with a passion, I would even go as far as to say hated. Yes, that harsh. But on the day of love, literally, Valentine's Day, I forgave. Per the show's instructions, forgiving is not condoning- just letting go. The theory: you can't move forward if you are holding on to the past. Ok got it. I forgive. Greg came home and I simply said, "So I'm over M___". I'm done. It only took three years but I am done. On the positive, that situation got us out of WV (where I was alone lots with a newborn and in the middle of nowhere) and out of the influence of someone who is just a not a good person. Negative energy is what I always said.

So we'll see what all this enthusiasm will bring. I have lots on my mental "to do" list so we'll see what sticks. I can tell you my shiny sink is a habit!! Habits supposedly take 21 days. Today I actually felt a bit normal and first thing I did was shine my sink! It felt weird for my sink to be yucky. I also got dressed to my shoes everyday, even when I felt really horrid. It did make me feel better knowing that if anyone came to the door or I had to run after the dog to get her inside, I could do it and know I was presentable.

Yesterday was also my big AmVets day, of course while I was on my deathbed. But honestly, after watching the Oprah secret show, I said to myself "tomorrow you WILL be okay and you WILL be able to move all the stuff out for pick up". I just knew I had to do it. I spent too much time and effort getting it all ready. I had 3 jumbo sterilite tubs and 3 large boxes of stuff. So I woke up and shortly after so did BigBoy, TV for him and off I went before the babe woke up. I got dressed and finished up packing it up and moved everything out from the kitchen and garage to the front porch. I was exhausted, but I cannot tell you how great it felt when I was done. I got a major task done, if nothing else, on my sick day. and it was WONDERFUL to see the emtpy tubs on my front porch at the end of the day. I'm FREEEEEEE! slowly, I am getting rid of our extra clutter. I am proud to say all the major stuff is gone.


daune abadie said...

I LOVE the Secret....I have a goal board/calendar with dates in ink in my closet. Ken uses one color for his goals and I use another...we do get lazy sometimes, but it is motivating when the calendar is blank to fill it up with what we want to happen! I have been collecting photos of what I want on my "dream" board. Let's set a date for each other as a goal to have our dream boards finished and hanging..........are you in? I believe in this!!!

Brianne said...

sister, my recently "glamorous" traveling life has left me no closer to my organizational goals. My closet stands pristine, but my floor consists of:
1 basket of clean laundry
1 unpacked NYC luggage bag
1 box of scary tax items and other scary paper things i want to avoid
1 bag of dry cleaning
1 bag of clothes that need to be mended.

the theme is clothes...I need to burn them all.


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