Répondez s'il vous plaît

It's kinda scary, but I now know I have lurkers! Stalkers! Visitors who don't comment! Gasp!

So fess up.

How are you Emeryville in NorCal?

Hillcrest, Australia?

Glendale, CA?

It's really a bit amazing what info you can track.

So who are you?? Please say hello...


Chris said...

Okay I admit it ... I'm one of your secret stalkers! This is the 2nd time I've checked out your blog. I never knew you were such a great writer! The funny thing is, today as I was reading from your older posts forward, I started feeling kinda creepy, like I was spying on you. I thought I'd better reply & let you know I've been reading this, and then I came to this most recent post asking who's been spying here. Anway, I'm inspired by both your excellent blogging and your tales of decluttering. P.S. - I also have a bit of a thing about fonts and I definitely have a language jones (my major was Comp Lit). I'm gonna check flylady asap. Not with you so much on the dog show thing though, but I am happy for Uno - he's a cutie. Hugs and love to all!

Brianne said...

Ah yes, the beauty of Google Analytics. Through my mildly progressive tactics of promoting by blog via Facebook and LinkedIn, I've found that not just clients and coworkers are readers (based on obvious cities that keep popping up) but also - recruiters! ha! Do check out the traffic link feature that shows you how people landed on your site via search terms. I actually got some via "fly fishing and needlepoint" and "cool lampshade." HA!


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