In striving to be more balanced, I managed to become more lopsided! Maybe I thinking too much about NOT being lopsided instead of thinking about BEING balanced. who knows. Come on Universe, help me out here.

I think we had an unbalanced load or something and it fried the washing machine. Great, just what we needed to get right now. A fabulous brand new (cheap) washing machine.

I then had the great idea to pluck my eyebrows, well, at least one of them. I only had time to do one and I thought there would be no way I would walk out of the house lopsided like that. um. wrong again. (and here I thought I knew myself so well!) I needed to go to the grocery, and since Greg is gone at another tourney, my window is quite short to hit the market with two children. Eyebrows uneven and all, we got ready and got out.

I tried to look at people sideways and turned my head quickly. :) Actually, I wish I was so in tune with my surrounds that I could think about that. But truth be told, I was focused on getting the cool TV cart (more on that in a bit), kids belted in, snacks distributed and list done. So the eyebrow went forgotten until I looked in the rear view again, on the way HOME. At least the other errands were to teller windows and they only saw one eyebrow- the jungle momma, unruly one.

My favorite grocery store in the whole world is Meijer. You poor west coast folks (and Aussie girls) don't have them. I looove them. Think nicer, upscale Super Walmart, meets cheaper, downscale, Super Tarjay. They even have an International Food section. LOOOOOVE IT!

Sometimes Greg or I will take BigBoy there for a "Date Night". Taco Bell and trip to Meijer, total cheap date at that. He loves these "TV Karts" We don't use them every time we go, actually I leave the kids at home to shop, but it's a nice option to make a trip more of a fun outing for the kids. For a buck, I am all over it.

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