Equilibrioception - A biological system that enables us to know where our bodies are in the environment and to maintain a desired position. It allows humans and animals to walk without falling.

In other words "Balance".

Greg and I did our "Life Goals" in preparing for my Dream Board. After discussing what we REALLY wanted, we came up with Balance. Right now our lives are unbalanced. Too much work and not enough money. Which means he is gone a lot and I have the kids 24/7. The company I keep is basically 2 small children. Unbalanced. So ultimately, CA isn't the answer. It could be, but it's not the end all, be all. Getting Greg a job that pays more, is less stressful and gives him more time at home is the answer. We think.

I'm still sick but now that I'm a flybaby (see flylady.net) I am managing my house life much better. (And my sick, inner office supply geek is happy with my cool HOME LIFE BINDER) I am getting up before the kids everyday, getting things organized before the breakfast chaos starts, and taking a shower every night instead of the morning. Sounds dumb, but just getting that done the night before gives me more time to take my shower and more time the next morning to get us all ready for the day. I hate night showers. I'm a morning shower kind of girl, but my shower isn't very long or relaxing when I have one or two kids running around as I "speed shower" and put out my super mommy radar ears. So I take showers at night now. Balancing my time a bit better so I personally get a little more of it.

I'm feeling pretty good today. I did my favorite yoga DVD Power Yoga Plus with Denise Austin I loooove this DVD. It's my go-to whenever I haven't been working out at all or don't feel like working out but I need something I CAN do. It's a great stretch out and just barely makes me hurt, but enough to feel like I did something. And amazingly I feel better in my sinuses. My head was feeling really bloated and congested- my leftover flu. I felt, well, out of balance- lopsided.

So getting back to Equilibrioception. My goal is pretty simple. Balance. I want to know where my body/life belongs in my environment and I want to keep it in that desired position. Oh yeah, and it would be nice not to fall down along the way- especially when Denise has me doing "Exalted Warrior". (pic above) ;)


Brianne said...

We are so sisters. I love Denise's squirrely voice during her Pilates workout. Especially the part where she says "you can do it!" and "your spine is your lifeline!" haha.

Nikki said...

Clean home, exercise, and a good shower do wonders! I am a believer too! I can't quite get myself to like home yoga, workout, or DVDs to exercise too though- maybe I should try it. I go crazy when they start talking to me and the lame background music.


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