Mountain Mania

Just a tease... the boxes are disappearing, preschool started, I've found Target, Costco AND superWallyWorld, and I'm a volleyball widow again-- time to start bloggin.

Coming soon to a screen near you!

This IS my normal; Mountain Mania.


Nikki said...

Love this photo of the kiddos! Such a pretty area too...reminds me of our Charlottesville farm days over the mountain from where you are!

Lisa Spector said...

This is my current fav of the kids. Totally catches a moment in time of them right now. Solana's ultra cheesy "cheese" that is in every picture now, Nathan posing and hamming it up-- and notice Solana is holding Nathan's hand (this is the super secret- they actually like each other). I love that they both have on their BC shirts and it's a great shot of our area. Perfect!

Do you still have the website link to the farm co-op?


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