Lisa 2.0, New BFF?

I'm going to put on my good "Jewish Wife" hat and say that this is a good time to start blogging again.... what with Yom Kippur and all. Okay, so it's atonement, but if you choose to follow the positive aspects it can also be about renewal and becoming the person you want to be. I want to be a blogger again. so here goes:

Up to speed in a flash:
The biggie- we moved to Virginia, Shenandoah Valley
G is a professor and coach full time- yeah!
Big Boy is 4 1/2, The Babe is newly 2.
We actually sold our house in Indy!!! a bit of a loss, but we got rid of it in this market.
I'm home pre-schooling and actually liking it!
Things are good.

When we last had an actual post, I was doing my Manifestation Board, a la Oprah. Did it work?
Copied from my post:
  1. nice big, green house plant fern- More green plants in my house. I realized we don't have ANY!
  2. picture of a balanced scale.
  3. woman doing a yoga pose with "Fit" written under it.
  4. map of California with Sacramento highlighted.
  5. picture of a male teacher.

1. We got a nice house plant as a welcome gift from the Facilities Dept. (our house rental). (Check!)
2. Our life is soooo much better. G comes home everyday for lunch, is on a professor's calendar, and has specifics on how much the team can travel, practice, train in off season, etc. I LOVE D3!! (Check!)
3. uh, not so much. Part of this renewed Lisa is going back on weight watchers. I'm a big ol fatty, and really uncomfortable. more on that later. (no check)
4. We ended up in VA, NOT CA. But I also wanted to be within a day's drive to my sis, who recently moved to NY. (half a check?)
5. My man got a job teaching (and coaching at a great college) (Check!)

Final Score: 3.5 out of 5. Not too shabby.

So now I find myself striving to find this new and improved version of "Lisa" yet again--Lisa 2.0

Lisa 1.0 was pretty reliable, but Lisa 2.0 has some major improvements- a helpful partner, regularity in flow (cash flow that is), and a new platform (the Shenandoah Valley is ready to explore!). Extra bonus, all the "debt" applications has been removed to allow less stress on the system. We're still in the beta version, we need to get it a little stream lined to take up less space (like 20 lbs.). But that starts easing its way in tomorrow.
hold on a sec as I take another bite of my deluxe Annie's creamy mac and cheese shells.

Where was I? Today was an interesting day. I pulled out the full length mirror I just bought and was totally depressed. It was my A-Ha moment, but not in a good way. I look like a pear. I would say How did that happen??? But I know. I'm a stress eater. The job search, the moving, the unpacking, being in season (VB), the "preschool incident" and then taking on the new role as mommy-teacher. It was just easier to eat crap. I did start planning our meals a few weeks ago, but I need to find healthier options. I must be doing something right though as BigBoy (BB) recently informed a kid at soccer that muffins weren't healthy. For the day I was "That Mom" I'm sure. The weird one that is the health food junkie. HA! Moi??

We had a playdate with a mom I met at Chick-Fil-A (so my junk food eating was Needed! See?!). She seemed sooo cool and her kid is 3, but BB had a lot of fun with him. She is preggo and so we talked about having two kids, etc. yap yap mommy talk..... Turns out her kid goes to the preschool I really wanted BB to go to- it's just up the street too.
I felt like school girl talking to a boy I had a major crush on. "So maybe we could get together and have a playdate with the boys?" (PPPPPPLLLLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!) We ended up not even eating inside and just going through the drive-thru.

So we planned to meet up today at a local park. I felt like I was getting ready to go on a date with a boy. How old am I? I actually did my hair, put on makeup, cute mom clothes, etc. We had a great time and I like her even more. My heart went a flutter when she was telling me a story and referred to me as "a friend of mine". yahoo! Maybe she is "my person" in the making. My Valley BFF. She's cool, I think around my age, lives close by, stays home, and seems to parent similarly. It's so hard to find mom friends. You like them, but can't stand their kids. You love the kids, but think the parents are flakes. You get along with both, but parent totally differently. You stay home, she works full time. So for me, the new mom in town, I'm pumped and this makes my day.

I'm going to post, just to get my blog ball rolling. Maybe I'll even have some readers!


WDC said...

YAY! Glad you are here. :) What was the preschool incident?
That is great that you met another Mom. I know how difficult that really is to do.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean - I still get dressed up and do my hair/makeup whenever I see my Mother's Group!! ... If only I lived a wee bit closer, I'd love to be your mommy friend!!

Lisa Spector said...

just a weee bit. :) At least I have the coolest online buddies!


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