Life gets in the way

I have a love/hate relationship with falling asleep with my son at night. (He's a cuddler and we read, talk, sing and then lay in bed together for a little while) It gets sooo comfy and relaxing. I really cherish this time because I know at some point I won't get it anymore. On the plus, it makes me go to bed early, sometimes too early. But then I am faced with the big dilemma.

When I wake up at 2ish, do I move into my own bed, with my husband (fight the dog for my spot, go to the bathroom, and then wait....) or sit tight and fall right back to sleep? I usually can't go back to sleep once I get out of bed- any bed. So here I am, 3:33 a.m. on the computer after being awake for over an hour. If I don't fall asleep with him, I'm wired, overtired I guess, and don't go to sleep until 11 or 12. The babe is always up by 6:30, with BB up around 7.

The best bet is to just not fall asleep with him, and then go to bed early. A HA! Brilliant, no?

I drool when I hear mom talk about how they had to wake their kids up at 8 to leave the house on time. Or how they all had a lazy morning.... sleeping until 9:30. seriously? I haven't seen 9 a.m. as a wake up in years. I was pretty excited when we finally got BB to sleep in.... past 5:30 a.m. So I stagger out of bed to "MMMMMAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMAAAAAA! OH MAMA!! MAMA!! MAMA!!" she wakes up yelling. such a pleasantry to start my day. Gimme coffee... now. The worst part is even if I punch G to get up and get her for me, I'm either totally awake by that point, or he does get her and then I can't go back to sleep due to the noise. Our rental has old, cheap doors that don't block much noise. It's a lose/lose for me.

I guess my mind starts to race about all the things I just didn't get to during the day- which always seems to be a ton. Tonight I realized the momma-teacher isn't ready for school tomorrow. hmm... can we call doing returns at Kohls and Tarjay a field trip?? We did read Llama Llama, Mad at Mama and thought maybe we could re-enact the book. (they go shopping together, llama hates it, but then they get ice cream). hmm.... then I would be fighting my WW points. damn. I was going to switch our days to M/W this week instead of T/TH since we have a company this week.

What I really need is a planning retreat, you know like the big companies do (or used to at least when they had more money). 2 weeks would be great, in a mountain cabin. I would have cable TV and internet, but only outgoing calls and emails. There would be a great little market walking distance with cheap wine and a fantastic deli. Oh, and a huge porch with a bench swing.

The first week I could sleep in a bed all by myself, whenever I wanted, watching MY shows (not noggin, not discovery kids, NOT ESPN) Go into total nesting mode. I would survive on tomato and cheese sandwiches and cereal. Oh and coffee and media lunas from AR. The second week, after I was all rested, I would practice. Practice doing the laundry, clean house, planning menus, cooking on a schedule, doing research and lesson plans, counting points, doing flylady --- without other people around (i.e. my family) messing up my system! After these two weeks, I would be golden. really.

Life just gets in the way sometimes doesn't it? ;) So my modified verison of this vision of "My Life" is scaled down. Try my best to have a happy, healthy, smart, involved family and maybe less dirty dishes. and coffee. lots of coffee.


Anonymous said...

Its very timely that you write this. I was getting my hair cut the other day, a little bit of alone time for Mamí. There was this lady in there griping that her kid got up at 7:30 on a Saturday! She says the kid normally sleeps until 9am!! I thought to myself, what would this woman do in my shoes? My kid gets up at 6:30 every day. She's always gotten up with the sun. When we were in Phoenix, She'd wake up at 5:30.
My kid has never been a good sleeper. She's improved in the last year. But I used to wake up 6-8 a night with her.
Teaching her to sleep by herself was something else. We just starting "checking" on her. Like one of us would be walking into the room while the other was walking out. Now we go every 5 minutes until she goes to sleep. We've put lots of work into her sleep since we brought her home. Now, I'm reeping my rewards. I just consider it a WIN when I don't get woken up at night!

Sleeping unti 9am? Maybe I can do that when she's like 9!!
Wendy G.

WDC said...

Sleeping in until 9am? HA! That is not going to happen in my house. I'm lucky if we make it until 7:00.
So much of what you wrote had me nodding my head in agreement!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell has kids who sleep in until 9am??!! Tell me their names - I wanna swap!! The only way we can "sleep-in" until 7am is if BB jumps into bed with us (which is so comfortable - NOT!!)...


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