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Reality hit me in the face today. Hard.

You know how sometimes you just forget how things are. It's like I forget that my life if different now that I live here and I think that things will be like they've always been. Day-to-day stuff. Things you just expect. My daughter will wake me up no later than 6:30 this morning. I will run out of sippy cups by noon. I can go to Target and get a Starbucks kind of thing. And then, it doesn't happen and it throws you. That's kind of what seems to happen to me out of the blue.

We decided BB was going to go with dad to the barber. Now let me start by saying BB has always gone to Cookie Cutters, the full blown fun for kids hair place. He loved it. We made it a big deal "what a big kid you are, going to the barber!!" yada yada yada. He likes his hair long, we like his hair long and his sister is finally over pulling it. yeah! But the bangs. they are too long, always go right in his face and all day he is pushing his hair back. so time to hit the barber, like daddy. I never really worry about how it will come out, we just usually do a little trim, like twice a year. seriously.

We walk in and it's total old school barber shop. Of course it is. Mr. Barber has a DIY bench/chair that sits on the arms of the older-than-dirt barber chair. This immediately freaks out BB. I explain to the guy that we like it long and curly, but need to trim it. This is my standard phrase. So he cuts off 1/2 inch, which really wasn't enough, but whatever. Then I explain the bangs. Next thing I know he combs them down (BB has his face down too cuz he is NOT happy) and then the cut. straight across and pixie bangs. NOOOOOOOOOOO! Too late.

I also heard Mr. Barber trying to convince BB that he "has to get his hair cut, cuz you don't want to look like a girl right?" Gee, thanks. That's helping immensely Mr. Barber.

We are now country. And my son has the haircut to prove it.

Our babysitter came over today so I could get some cleaning done before our guest arrives tomorrow. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this girl yet???) I tell her my story and she lets me know that she also cuts hair. I look up and the clouds parted to shine a golden beam upon me. She's coming over tomorrow to trim it up a bit. I have no idea how we are going to manage this, but my boy will not go out in public with pixie bangs and wing tips.

This evening provided me with the second slap of reality. Wal-mart. Do I even need to say more? I actually have a secret crush on Wally World. I love that I can go into one store and see so many different things. It's like shiny object syndrome really. But my Wallyworld here vs. Indy WW is night and day. At least Indy WW tried to be cool, compete with Super Tarjey even. Not a chance in the Valley. We are back on weight watchers and my selection of reduced fat items is quite limited, as is the quality of produce. At least there's always good people watching.

The bonus: I almost forgot to mention the bonus point round. 9 times out of 10 I get a personal story from my cashier. Tonight the break lady came over and Mary told her she was starving! She came on at 2:30 and hadn't eaten yet and she doesn't eat on breaks because she doesn't want to get in the habit of eating every time she takes a break and yes, she does drink a lot of water, but you know she just sweats it out and she is used to not eating anyway, just this past weekend she fasted from Saturday night til Monday morning because her sister was in town the week before and all they did was cook and eat and cook and eat and she had a doctor's appointment on Monday and she had to weigh-in on target so she just had coffee and water all day long. And guess what? Mary weighed-in right on. But then we should have seen her cuz she was so crazy and hungry but you know, she stopped by the nursing home to feed her husband first and no way would she eat there, you know that nursing home food is so nasty. "okay honey, you have a good night and don't forget your ice!"

I really can't make this stuff up.


Nikki said...

So funny Lisa...seriously a different world over there in Shenandoah land. I am glad I have been there because I can picture exactly what you are talking about!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate! Hey lady - seems as if life is pretty good for you guys over in VA. Call me when you get a chance 'cause I want to talk about next weekend. Hi to the kids and hubby and kisses and hugs all around.


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