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More coffee! I'm totally spacey, tired, and not ready for my day. But I voted. The house was up at multiple times last night (crying baby, cold dog, cat out of food, etc.) Of course on the night before Election Day. We got up at 6 and I hurried up to get to the polls. 6:30 a.m. The line wrapped around the community center, uuugh. But with coffee in hand and a warmish coat I was ready to vote in my small town, usa.

I met a cool guy in line next to me, an Illinois transplant and a communications prof. at The Big University. So that was fun to talk with him. He had just moved here this summer too and we noticed who everyone else was saying hello to each other. It also looked like he had very fun gay neighbors who were dressed sooo cute. Maybe I'll go stalker on him and find his email on the school's website. (On a side note, it was cool to see the gay couple saying hi and being buddies with many people in line. The guy in front of us turned around when my prof. friend said they were his neighbors. "OH! so and so are my neighbors too, you must live by us!") Prof. friend also said he was bombarded with goodies from neighbors when they first moved in. How cute and country no? Unfortunately, we don't really have neighbors, however the horses came by to eat apples off of our tree!

We also met the local players in our town for council and let an old lady in a walker cut the line. Small town politics. The 79 y.o. who is running for re-election was there, later than his opponents to shake hands, kiss babies, etc. Great idea Roscoe, but when you shake my hand, you should probably introduce yourself to me if you want my vote; "work" the line and not sit on the front of your car (is it yours?) and sit and wait for us to get to you.

My favorite is Steve, the stay at home dad and naval retiree. He was there nice and early, talking about the kids. Stay at home dad, new blood, and isn't more than twice my age. oh yah, and he filled out his local paper info thoroughly. Roscoe did not. Rosetta also gets my vote, the local event planner and newsletter writer. Gimme more free events Rosetta and I'm a happy mama. These people know how to multi-task and get stuff done.

I hope you all get out/got out to vote! Any fun stories to share?? (I know you are out there because I get blog reports..... come on stalkers, fess up and say hello)

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Nikki said...

Go Obama!!!!
OK..so my town is very Obama and liberal, artistic types..but we also have our element of McCain supporters..mainly retired military or active military. We obviously have a Veterans for Obama sign in our yards and cars to show that not all military folks are Republican! Anyway- our main street corner in town has a war protest every Sunday since the war in Iraq began. After a couple years though the pro-bush folks joined in and took over one of the corners. Now it is a weekly debate with 3 corners of democrats and anti-war signs and one corner absolutely packed with republicans and pro-Bush pro war signs. That corner is full of old folks all waving huge American Flags of course. It is 'their' corner and we all know it. Well today of course they were all out there on their corner with flags and McCain signs but also their own little Sarah Palin impersonator waving to the folks driving by. I wanted to gag....so that's my election day story. My friend in town just called me to see if I saw 'their corner' today too. She also wanted to gag.


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