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Do you remember this? C-an. If you have kids you NEED to check out the New Electric Company on PBS. IT ROCKS!! Seriously. Iknow, I know, it's not totally the same, but it was super fun watching it together. I taped it for BigBoy (who's almost 5) and he loved it. The music is fantastic. At one point he turned to me and see "Wow! He's a good singer mommy!"

I'm so happy they decided to bring back The Electric Company. I'm so over the crap we have on TV today that they pass off as "educational children's programs". BigBoy is finally getting into Seasame Street again- now that it's age appropriate. go figure. TEC is still a tad bit old for him, but we've been working on some reading skills, so he is excited about it. The music reminds me a lot of "Choo Choo Soul" on Disney- which I also love to listen to. (P.S. I love this pic because it also include Newark's Mayor Cory Booker. I've had a crush on him since I saw him on Oprah forever ago. Double bonus when I looked for TEC pics to use.)

Anyway, I promised myself this would be a quick post and I've gotten lost in watching videos on FB and Youtube. There are some critics saying it's not as good as the original (well hello, Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno, Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, the list goes on and on...) But fun music and interesting reading segments. I'm in!

If you ever dreamed of opening a door and yelling "HEEEEEY YOOOOOU GUUUUUYS!!!" (for me it was a dream of yelling this during a quiet class time), do yourself and your kid a favor and tivo/DVR this show. It's only on once a week, but I know we need to have it on tape cuz we will be watching it over and over. Get the Power!!

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