Meal Plan- take I

I did this late in the week, so I started with Tuesday.

  • Tuesday- Mini Meatball Subs, broccoli, sliced apples
  • Wednesday- Turkey Chili w/ cornbread muffins (but didn't use the crockpot)
  • Thursday- Smothered Pork Chops (I didn't use milk, added a can of mushroom pieces, pepper on the chops), roasted cauliflower. (I just tossed cauliflower with 4 tbls of Newmans Own Light Balsamic Dressing and 2 tbls parm cheese) Baked cinnamon apples for dessert
  • Friday- Make your own pizzas, white bean dip, carrots
  • Saturday- Mac n cheese (kids) Smart One's frozen dinner (me)
  • Sunday- Ham Paninis ** Batch Baked Chicken for the week
  • Monday-Chicken Cacciatori with spaghetti squash (how the heck do I cook this?)
  • Tuesday- Baked Talapia, broc or green beans
  • Wednesday- Chicken Caesar Salads w/ Baked Potatoes?
  • Thursday- Bfast for dinner- Baked Eggs, fruit salad, cottage cheese
  • Friday- Black Bean Soup (can't find this recipe right now.... will update later.)
  • Saturday- Pasta- not sure what yet
  • Sunday- Turkey Parmesan Meatloaf?

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