Catch me I'm falling...

I know this is like, um, the NEXT day after all my great planning and talk about healthy eating but I took a little stumble off the wagon. But really, I'm not freaking out or hating myself. At the end the day, my "stumble" is still better than most typical non-WW days. I'm really only a few points over and I can steal from my weekly reserve. I'll post my journal later.

We had our homeschool co-op today and I usually take a lunch, but then the Babe decided to eat more than her share and of course I gave her some of my (perfectly portioned and calculated lunch). So I wound up hungry, the kids ran around a lot and were hungrier than usual and after naps wanted to snack all.day.long. It totally made me realize how important and good lunch is for me. And when the kids are snacking, I want to snack too. Thankfully I got some low point equivilants for the times they won't eat fruit or veggies and want my total fav- cheese and crackers. I think I many need to buy stock in Laughing Cow Spreadable Cheese. Here'a my free investment advice- find out what Weight Watchers are eating and buy that stock! I also found this great thread on snack ideas from, where else, Roni's Weigh.

Okay, wrapping up and here is my not-so-perfect food journal for Friday:

cheery breakfast w/blueberries, coffee & milk 4
lunch- chili, carrots, grapes 4
ww chocolate snack cake 1
no pudge brownie, light & fit yogurt 4
7 grain kashi crackers and laughing cow cheese wedge (i didn't eat enough at lunch and now i'm a snacking machine. ugh 3
the snack-a-rama continues... light multigrain english muffin with lc cheese 2
mickyd's cheeseburger 7health

(Flex Used: 3 WP Left: 22.5)

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

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