The Slacker Mom

That mom. That's who I've been. I can't deny it.

I put the TV on, left access to the old laptop that automatically fires up to noggin.com and offered to wii when requested. I was totally annoyed and stuffy. Cranky and not at all involved. The Yeller until my head felt like it would explode (about 2 seconds). Today I was determined to make up for being the slacker mom.

I felt a bunch better, not well, but better. I did laundry, cleaned the kitchen (a little) and then played with the kids. all day. We played princess barbies and Diego, some team player wii, built block hotels for the safari animals, read books. Snuck in a writting/reading lesson for BigBoy from 100EZ. Ran around in what little snow we had, made hot cocoa for the kids and even managed to make dinner. woo hoo! I rocked the mommy world today. And now I'm ready to crash. Give me a skinny cow, a Theraflu tea, and off I go to la la land.

My Chicken Kinda-Cacciatore was pretty good. Basically a bunch of chicken breasts, big can of crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, onion, garlic and Italian seasons thrown in the crock pot. The real recipe is in my two week meal plan. I wanted to add mushrooms, but we were out. served it over Spaghetti Squash and it was d'lish! The Babe was all over the squash, but of course BigBoy would have nothing to do with it after the mandetory One Bite Taster Rule.

I was going to add some cool new carb finds, but I'm fading. All Play and little work makes me one tired mom!

Food Journal:

soy "chicken" patty, sandwich thin bun, lc cheese, apple, diet coke
multigrain cheerios, coffee
chicken cacciatore, spag. squash, parm cheese. carrots ff dip.
skinny cow ice cream sandwich yuuum!

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Nikki said...

Way to stay on top of it Lis! I think we should judge ourselves by our best days as we forget the worst!


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