Yes I can!

Here we are again at the new year. We are all looking back and making NY's resolutions, or not, but most of us are vowing to do something.

I try to make an annual To Do list. I am a list person. I like writing lists and reeeaaaallly like crossing things off my list. (I've even added things to a list after the fact, just so I can cross it off. It's a sickness, I know.) It makes me feel like a) I'll actually do it since it's in writing and b) like I accomplish something when I get to cross it off. Granted, my NY's To Do List (NYTDL) isn't the kind where I get to cross things off as I go, but you get the idea.

When I went out to visit my sister in NY last month we went to Sunday Mass at St. Monica's and it was really interesting. Beautiful church! The priest talked about making U-turns in our lives. He told a cute story about a husband and wife driving somewhere and the wife says to turn right (which of course is the correct way) but he turns left. When he realizes he is going the wrong way, he apoligizes. If he keeps going the same way, saying sorry doesn't cut it. He's still moving away from his destination. He needs to really re-group and make a U-Turn. So then we were left to ponder what U-turns we needed to make in our lives. By just recognizing that we weren't doing what we needed/wanted to do wasn't getting us any closer. We needed to fully turn things around. I guess my NYTDL is really a list of U-turns.

  • Last year was the start of the Year of Me, but then we moved and life got crazy again. I can build on that, maybe even get out the old Dream Board out again. ;) Overall theme is A Better Me and making myself a priority. I remember talking with one of my friends and we were discussing the "old me". We decided "She's just not around anymore." The fun, healthier, cooler version of ourselves. Where did she go? How do we find her? How do we get to hang out? I want her to come back, at least a little bit, into my daily life. I get that I am a Mom now, but I think the "old me" might be a more fun and a much cooler mom.

  • Start Weight Watchers on Jan. 19. I'm close to my personal high again, I feel like crap, and basically uncomfortable in my own skin. I've been here before and then got to feeling my personal best (Wedding Day 03) so I know I can do it. This time around will be a bit harder since I have to juggle the kids into my workout schedule and meals, but I can totally do this and I deserve this. I'm going to try and do it with the husband and if that doesn't work for me, then I'm doing the full blown meetings. But I know what I need to do, I just need to get motivated to do it. As a reward, if I rock my WW world, I get a Wii Fit for my bday in April.

  • Keeping in Touch. Relationships are such an important component in our lives. I found Oprah's show on the Blue Zones fascinating and social network was a huge part of living longer. Facebook has been fantastic for me in reconnecting with old friends. I love how easy it is. I need to take it to the next level and get my phone dates going again. I already took the first step and programmed all my girl friends' phone numbers into our HOME phone so when I have some downtime, I can just grab the phone and not have to search for my phone book/cell phone.

  • Feeling Pretty. Not letting my haircut appointments lag so long, eyebrows, taking the extra time to do my makeup a little better, the little things that I slack on because I don't make it a priority. As my children would say, ME ME ME!

  • Meal Plan. It's a pain (since it's not a habit yet) but I find when I actually plan out my meals, life is soooo much easier and we ate so much healthier. If I am on WW, this needs to be done anyway.

  • Blog regularly. I love blogging and it makes my brain feel better. (And look, I've already started something on my list!!! Go Me!!)
That's about it for now. There's other stuff, but this is my starting list and I want to post....


Anonymous said...

I love your list (ok, I admit it, I'm a list-a-holic too)... and I promise I will keep a close eye on you this year to make sure you cross them all off ;)

Nikki said...

Just call me if you need a nudge..I love lists too! Good for you Lis!


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