Be the Rooster

As a mom I find myself constantly trying to be "A Mom" and finding "Mom Things" to do. It really shouldn't be this hard, right? I think I have a lot of reasons (ahem, excuses) for just not doing it. I'm in a new area. So venturing out with a newly potty trained toddler who likes to bolt any chance she gets is still a bit daunting. Spending the time and effort to do something that ultimately isn't worth it is frustrating and disappointing.

It's also work. I didn't grow up in a home that did "family oriented" things. My parents went on vacation without me and promised to take me when I was 18- never happened. We took the traditional road trips to visit family, but that's about the extent of family time- at least what I can easily recall. That kind of childhood. So just taking trips to the library is "thinking outside the box" for me. (btw, I hate that saying, but you know... it sums it up) As a kid, I didn't go to the library, ever. In fact I don't remember even being read to as a kid, no favorite childhood books, no bedtime stories, etc. My house is now filled with books galore and my MIL is a retired pre-K teacher. of course.

Yesterday we went our little local branch of the main library. I totally felt like the alien mom, fumbling on how to even find books. And we went during story time. of course. Which was fine, we watched from a distance, but the kids' section is just one big room, so we had to be quiet. After they were done, BigBoy asked the librarian for help finding a joke book. More tasty tidbits to come from this little gem of a book! So, we did it! The first step. The kids loved it and we HAVE to go back since we checked out a bunch of books. I can do this, make it part of our regular routine. Maybe even hit a story time or two on purpose. woah! crazy mama! watch out!

Today was co-op homeschool day. The Babe has been a snotty waterfall since yesterday, not sure if it's a teething thing or a getting sick thing, so BigDaddy had some father/daughter time and took her to lunch while BigBoy and I went on our group's field trip to The Big Campus (TBC) to visit the planetarium. This is why I love my homeschool group. I would NEVER, in a million years, take my son to TBC, figure out parking and watch a planetarium film on atoms and molecules. (apparently they are making this into an actual IMAX movie. see the preview here: Molecules to the Max) He LOVED it! Since we were with a part of a group, it wasn't so scary for me. I know, big chicken. Baby steps, right??

Speaking of chickens... on the way home a rooster flew out in front of my van, in the middle lane of lots of traffic. WTH?! I screamed. BigBoy perked up from the back. A freaking rooster? Downtown in the middle of TBC? This is supposed to be "the city", our closest big city, with the big box stores and everything.

Anyway...back to being the scared mom. This is why I love my homeschool group. They are always looking for things to do that are educational and involve your family. Things I never think of doing or even notice are going on. I really need to get out of my comfort zone and they give me the nudge to do it. I guess I need to be more like my friend the renegade rooster. Get out of my comfort zone. However, I'll definitely look both ways before crossing the street!

  • Hearing the Babe sing and play the guitar. A version of Hush Little Baby that has a monkey in it.
  • Seeing BigDaddy walk home with the Babe on his shoulders.
  • BigBoy telling the Babe his birthday cake is going to be chocolate cake (his favorite) with PINK icing, cuz it's her favorite.

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