I'm a big loser!

Weigh-In Thursday.... drum roll please! Down 3 lbs! Yahooo hooo!

Grand total is now 9.5 lbs in 6 weeks. This past week BigDaddy was home a lot more and it made a huge difference for me. I stayed on program, fulfilling my pinky promise with LisAnt. I also switched out more carbs for protein in the morning and for snacks, which seemed to keep me satisfied for a lot longer. I toss in blueberries with yogurt, spinach on sandwiches, little things like that. I only worked out twice and once was the bounce zone. :) THIS IS WORKING!!!

I'm pumped. I actually haven't even been really counting points much. Now that I'm back into it, I'm eyeballing, a lot more and just journaling during the day, when I need it most. As long as I am in the low teens by dinner, I make sure to have one helping what we've made (which is almost always low points) and then I wait to see how my body feels. Most of the time, I'm satisfied and don't need anything more. If I do, I'll have some cheese. Seems to be working and if I start to slow down, I'll go full blown point count again. But I think this is more realistic to what life will be once I hit my goal weight. I don't want to live the rest of my life calculating every bite, but I'm making smarter choices, better portion control and being aware of WHAT and HOW I'm eating. Can you say Lifestyle?

I really don't like Diets or even the word "Diet". RonisWeigh had a post about this recently and it's interesting how people are all over on this. It's so important to just find what works for you. If I'm on a "Diet" and I'm not allow to eat something, then of course, that's all I can think about eating.

After my big celebration, I ran into my disaster. MickyD's. I love their chicken salads, which is totally what I SHOULD have had, but I can basically make it at home with the same dressing and we were taking it to go. So I did it. Cheeseburger and Fries. I did get a regular burger and small fries, but nonetheless. The damage was done. This would be all fine and dandy if I had planned, but I did not. So here I am and here's my journal so far:


bfast- mg cheerios, banana coffee w/ milk 5
ww yogurt w/ granola, blueberries 2.5
md's chzburger, sm. fries 12.5
ww ice cream bar 2

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.

I'm not going to beat myself up. Life happens, this will be a high points day, obviously, since I haven't had dinner. Move along people.... nothing to see here.

On a good note, my bliss moments all involved BigBoy. We actually had a pretty nice day together, more on that later or tomorrow.....

  • "Can I please have a kiss? I looooove kisses from you!" aww. pitter patter!
  • BigBoy massaging my foot while blogging. One handed as he played his computer games.
  • His choice of clothes when we got home to relax in.... favorite blue soccer shorts and his dressy gymbo Christmas pic shirt. He cracks me up.


Carrie said...

Congrats on the loss!! Isn't it funny how great the results are and how easy it seems sometime? Good for you!! Keep up the great work. And a cheeseburger and fries every once in a while won't kill you! :)

Nikki said...

That's great Lis..it really is alot to loose when you picture the actual weight of that. I always think of butter when I hear about weight loss because I can picture a pound of it! You need to watch Super Size me..did I ever tell you that? My kids don't even ask for McDonalds after watching it with us. I would be weak over a ton of other things though...I LOVE to snack! I'd say a random Mcburger here and there for you is still doing pretty great and obviously working for you!

Lisa Spector said...

Hi Carrie! Thanks for the props! Funny thing is, after I ate it and even the next day, I didn't feel so great. Maybe my body is getting used to better food. Then again, is wasn't a Whopper Jr. My true love ;)

Lisa Spector said...

Nik- I know, I should watch it, but fear it might scar me forever more. lol I read Robbins "Diet for a New America" and became a vegetarian immediately. Total grossed out and couldn't eat anything. He only does MDs right?? I need my monthly Whopper Jr. ;) And since you worked at Starbucks, coffee is okay too?

p.s. thanks for always being my loyal blog commentator. :)


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