Seriously? It's 2:15?

I'm still in my jammies. I scarfed down breakfast (banana bread from yesterday), then scarfed down a quick sandwich (leftover turkey meatloaf with cheese), drank 2 cups of coffee and was ready to grab another.... and then saw the time. 2:15. huh? I'm totally brain-fried, flustered, scattered-brained. I did manage to get the Babe down for a nap during our current nap strike. But other than that, I don't have much to show for my morning. (this is why I love this article that I recently posted on FB)

I've been taking care of business. I'm still not done. What is this major business, such a monumental task I've accomplished today with such tenacity that I have failed to sit and eat a simple meal without inhaling chunks, bathe or change clothes? Bill Paying. Okay, with some pet phone calls thrown into the mix.

How lame is that? My day started around 7:30. Made some coffee, snuggled a bit with the kids, quick call to one of BigDaddy's co-workers, and then BigDaddy went to work. Then I started my calls:

Vet for the now, not FatCat. she's lost a ton of weight and is losing hair. not good for a 15 year old cat. find the name of the vet someone gave me, then called them to make the appt. Call to BigDaddy to check if that would work. no. call back to change time. fished out med records for the pets. realize they didn't include our last visit. find old vet phone number. call old vet to fax medical records to new vet.

*Breakfast for the kids, more food for the kids, more food for the kids.

Coffee for Mama.

Get the paper bills out, bring up all websites for online bills. Check bank account. yuck.

We are paying how much for Comcast?!! Call to comcast to find out WTH was going on. our bill doubled. Oh you mean the CSR I spoke with gave me the wrong info when I signed up? That happens?? My deal was only 6 months, not the 12 she quoted me. so now I have to pay 120 instead of 60? oh, okay.

No Babe, you cannot talk on the phone to comcast. more "I TALK!" screams and protests.

Shove nana bread down my throat. slurp coffee.

car/renters insurance- our house just got outfitted with turn of the century electrical yesterday hooray! update our agent. leads to major talks of the policy and house issues. uugh. Need to call back with payment.

Pay gas. UGH! Pay electric. BIG UGH!

Verizon bill. huh? past due?? online to print out old copies of bills. printer doesn't work. AAAAAHHHHH! fix printer. why is this past due and why doesn't that amount show up on ANY old bill? Oh, what's this? offer from DirectTV/Verizon on one of my bills. phone, Internet AND TV for 80. we pay 75 right now PLUS cable (bundles are even cheaper than prices listed in link) hmmm..... Call to Verizon. hold. hold. hold. Okay, looks like a great deal!! not 80, but 105 for what we want. (GREAT CSR btw.)

Call BigDaddy to let him know Verizon will be calling back at 1. be home.

Kids want more food. oh it's lunch time!

2nd call to Comcast, any fees to cancel? no. will call back next week to cancel. so long suckers! Check out DirecTV website, review options, prices, etc.

Scarf lunch, put the Babe down for a nap. BigDaddy home. Discuss options. Receive call back from Verizon. They now own us. Wireless, home phone, Internet and TV. We upgrade the package and are pretending we are rich, living large and all that. got the top package... for what we are basically paying before the Comcast 1-2 punch. Happy Mama, happy BigDaddy as we got the dumb HD/DVR/all movie/all sports channels. (okay, so the college sports stuff IS helpful for his job, yada yada yada...) We only get ABC, Fox and PBS for local channels (long story) but I can still watch Bros and Sises and The Tudors. so I'm happy.

BigDaddy back at work, the Babe asleep, for now. Take a breath. crap! it's 2:15??? And I'm not done. aaaaack! I'm fried. Maybe I'll just blog and do the bills in a bit. after some more coffee.

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I love your blog..you write stuff that I think, of course you do it with more style> Thx!


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