Agent 00Sassy strikes a warrior pose.

I finally did it! Took that first step in working out. The sitter came today and I stopped cleaning and declared it MamaTime. Announced I was working out and locked myself in the office. BigDaddy had rigged up our little TV with our portable DVD player and I cleared space and MY Space was ready to go. I realized this was an issue for me when I was thinking about what was stopping me from working out. The biggie was habit. I was just not used to working out anymore. But I also didn't have a space that I could easily use to actually work out in. I have one in theory, actually two, the office and basement. But they always seem to be a mess. I know, shocker. So I vowed to clear up the office a bit more as it seems to be our dumping ground. The basement can be a secondary space when I'm moving around a little more (i.e. Zumba) and need more space. Also in the summer it will be nice and cool.

So I did my favorite low impact workout Power Yoga Plus w/ Denise Austin. I love her. She's a bit annoying but I heart her cheesy sayings. They make me laugh. So as I was "feeling the effects" of yoga I started to feel pretty good about what I was doing. My body feels sooo much better and I'm proud of myself. It's not a huge step, but a step nonetheless. Go me!

A guess my Whopper Fiasco pushed me over the edge. I was NEEDING a burger, not just any burger, a Whopper. I crave these every so often. I think it's when my body is in dire need of iron. I ate them non-stop when I was p.g. with both kids. BigDaddy even offered to fly for me AND take the kids. He's a saint sometimes. After the glow from his halo wore off a bit and I could see again, I figured out my points from DWLZ.com and knew I could get a Whopper Jr. w/ cheese but no mayo for 8 pts. Add a small onion rings to my order for 3.5 more points (2 less than a sm. fries btw) and I am set.

Oh no. BigDaddy forgot to get the crowns. Oh no, Oh no. They got the order wrong. BigDaddy went back to fetch the crowns (I think I can still here the cries "but where are the crooooooowns??? and little hands frantically search the bag that would somehow magically make them appear). But I then realized the gave me a regular Whopper. No mayo, but FULL size. now we're talking 14 points. Of course I cut it in half. come on now. But did that stop me from eating the whole damn thing??? no. AAAAAAGH! It was too much food and I felt crappy afterwards- mentally and physically. I copied my food journal, but forgot to paste it, but I was at like 35 points. BTW- a double whopper with cheese and mayo is ridiculous. You can find out for yourself if you want the down and dirty. we'll leave it at that.

I still felt like crap this morning. had another crazy, not-so-productive day like yesterday. I started to make phone calls, BigBoy needs to get a cavity lasered (who knew they did that?) and FatCat had a vet visit that scared us a little. but looks like she'll be okay. now she's skinny though.... need a new nickname for her.

One thing I forgot to mention from yesterday was a wonderful little surprise in the mail. I can't tell you how it just made my sucky day so much brighter. BigDaddy's friend owns a great company called EcoUsable.com (plug, plug!) and they sent his some samples to see if they could use them for the team. But a sassy little number was included for me! (now that I think about it, I hope it was me... whatever. It WAS for me!) I love it. I own it now (neener neener if it wasn't for me, I licked it already so it's mine.) But seriously, how freaking cute is this?? I can't wait to use it and pretend I'm a Sassy Green Bond Girl.

Which got me thinking. One incentive of really blogging, like those fabulous moms that have wonderful sites with healthy food recipes or rugged ranch livin stories, would be free schwag! (they get sent stuff to try out and report to us lemmings) I am a schwag whore. I totally admit it. I was in PR & promotions for Pete's sake! We live for Free Stuff. (*Total sidenote: I once ran a contest to win "The Box O'Crap from my desk". People totally entered! And picked up their prizes! The stuff people will do for free stuff is really mind boggling. But that's fodder for another post...). But then I would probably have to write about something more interesting than being a slacker and eating pancake leftovers. That's kind of like work and I'm kind of allergic to that right now.

Wow. I'm all over the place today. Are you dizzy? Maybe I shouldn't have had the third cup o' coffee after noon today.

Oh yah, my food for today:


MG cheerios, strawberries, milk. coffee w/milk 4
nana bread 2
lean cuisine entree, clementine 8
mama needs some vino 2
baked "fried" chicken, mashed cauliflower, beans&mexicorn 6
loaded ice cream 2
Total: 24

Table provided by Roni's Food Tweet, Eat, Post Generator.


Nikki said...

Go LISA! Exercise will change the whole game for you! Love it that you felt so good after. It is like a drug I think!

Lisa Spector said...

Thanks!! I'm actually down a pound today at weigh-in- even with the Whopper Fiasco! Go me!


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