Devil in the red sauce.

Hmmm.... I've been MIA over the weekend here. shocker. I wish I could say it's because I had soooo much fun over Valentine's Weekend, "I simply just didn't have time to post, you know how that goes". HA. I was flying solo again as BigDaddy was gone and it was up to me to supply the Vday festivities. We really don't celebrate Valentine's Day much anyway, but when you throw kids in the mix, it's a little different.

We had our home school co-op pitch-in on Friday and I made Roni's Banana Bundt Cake. BIG hit with the adults and kiddos. The crunchy/hippie/greenies liked that there wasn't any sugar and the kids liked that it was sweet and had chocolate. Yeah, go me! So Friday I was totally on track, brought my own micro-entree and had a little bundt cake to boot.

Saturday rolls around and I made the kids a special breakfast. I love to do special (and easy) meals for them that a) are cheap b) invoke a special feeling- I'm so over store bought garbage and c)... did I have a "c"? Anyway. My bfast involved ready made pancakes a la Walmart cut out with heart-shaped cookie cutters. super easy. whipped cream (FF), strawberries (still healthy here) and sprinkles for color-which I don't like anyway, I know. I'm a weirdo. I don't like chocolate much either, so there.

Well, you see...I had a lot of scrapes. Perfectly good, and tasty, edges from the heart cutouts. I nibbled a bit here, a bit there, some more here, dipped it in my strawberry All Fruit heated "red sauce." oh wait. there you go. that was the moment. did you see it? My moment of Pure Bliss. Gimme a cuppa Joe and I am a happy, husband-less, girl on Vday a.m.

I am also aware of this next fact. It's absolutely the WORST breakfast ever for me to eat. ever. Whenever I have coffee and pancakes/waffles, I am always doing a nosedive a few hours later. Some kind of glucose thing? whatever. My coffee/pancake combo is bad news however you slice it. But I love it. I just need to have eggs & bacon along with it. But who had time for that when I had a mountain of white, tan and red messy heaven that needed to be delivered to the living room pronto?!

I spent the rest of the day trying to offset this reaction with cheese, meat, other proteins. But the damage was done. I was off course and headed for disaster. So what's a girl to do? The only logical option available. Pretend like nothing's wrong. Points and WW don't exist. If I don't think about it, I won't feel guilty. Well, you know what? Actually I didn't feel too guilty. I tried to make smart choices throughout the day, but knew I was in the "zone" and not the good one. I didn't count anything, enjoyed the day with my kids, made heart shaped pizzas (pita bread cut into shape, turkey pepperoni). Really. In the olden days (pre-WW), this would have probably been a "normal/good day", but now I was "off course".

I lost a pound.

This is why I heart WW so much. Work the program and it works for you. I was better today, and even focused on being on my low end points-wise. I'm back in the zone. The good one.

Now back to our regularly scheduled (WW) program...


LisAnt said...

OMG! I so get that too! The nose dive after the sugar crash. I guess I never reflected on it until now. And then the part about how you lost weight even though you thought all was lost. SAME. HERE. Crazy stuff!

Lisa Spector said...

yah, we'll see if it works tonight. I NEED a whopper. But getting a jr. w/o mayo and Onion Rings instead of FF (saves me 2 more pts.!)


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