Burning butter and gettin' rid of the clutter

2 A-Days. uuugh. That phrase. I shudder as I hear BigDaddy remind me that Spring Ball was upon us, but ooops, it's actually 2 a days instead of just the evening workouts we have listed on our family calendar. Basically what that means for me is that BigDaddy is gone, gone... gone. He's out the door before we wake up and home for good after we are all asleep. Thankfully he is able to walk home for lunch and dinner. I'm a volleyball widow and once again become a married, single mom. BUT I was determined to work out today per my life overhaul (workout t/th) I also did some sit ups, only 20, but it's a start and I will do them everyday and just build on it. I ran in my room while my coffee was heating up in the microwave. Seriously, how easy was that?!

I got up, got the kiddies all set with breakfast, put on some "educational tv" (actually I think they voted for Scooby Doo this morning), got all situated. Okay ready for MY time, my workout. Oh, the dog needs to potty... Okay, ready! Oh, the phone! It's T and I haven't talked to her in a few days.... Okay, ready! Oh now it's a poopapalooza in the bathroom with everyone needing help... Okay. Ready? Ready! really? I can do it now??? Alright, I'm doing it!!! I popped in my Denise Austin Blast Away 10 lbs kick boxing tape. I have to admit, this is really one of the worst cued videos ever. EVER. The poor people in the group are all messing up, which is really bad since you know they've done the workout 50 million times. But the cheesiness, the bad music, the totally unrelated "boxing moves" workout with the yoga pose cool down, and her lame phrases get me. I love it. I soak it all in. I agree with her. YES! I AM burning butter! I DO feel my strength! LOOK at my powerful pose! I DID IT! and Yes, I can feel the effect! She cheers for me at the end, a little jump up even with clapping. go me!!! I love it. I actually just found this VHS tape when I was de-cluttered. Surprise, surprise!

Now I need to figure out my meal plan. We forced ourselves to eat what we have, BigDaddy ran to our mom and pop grocery IGA for some produce and milk, but we are clearing out the pantry and using up frozen convenience foods. I'm serious people. We held a family meeting and discussed what we were doing as a family. I, well WE, think it's important to talk to our kids and do things as a family. It's amazing how much they soak up. We had our meeting at lunch and talked about how we need to have a healthier life and take care of the earth more. To do that we need to eat better food, like growing our own garden and getting rid of more junk food. So we are making some changes and we need to help each other.

We do this thing, "hands", at meals. This started at Thanksgiving and we hold hands and talk about what we are happy about, thankful for, etc. The kids held on tight and insist we do it at every meal. Usually the Babe says "I love my family" and BigBoy says the same and adds some other tidbit. Like praying, but not. Anyway, BB says "I'm so happy we are going to be healthy and take care of the Earth". Seriously? Oh pitter patter. I love this kid.

So we are clearing out the cupboards, freezer, fridge and then starting anew. Now I need to figure out what the heck I'm going to make and my shopping list. I also started The Purge. I have laundry baskets filled with various items- trash, donate/sell, keep a la Clean House. I read all the comments- thanks!! I feel so loved. My biggest day of traffic ever, lots of lurkers still though. Come on, people!

I'll end on this note. After I got into this mindset yesterday, we ate pasta last night, lots and lots of glorious pasta. I lost another pound. Burnin' butter, baby... burnin' butter.


Anonymous said...

Right on! Sounds like spring Fever!~

Nikki said...

Yeah for your Garden! I don't think it even matters the size..just the act of watching things grow feels fabulous. We can't wait to plant this year...last year was a rental which meant everything was in pots. But the kids have been little growers their whole life and love it. By the way---composter ideas...could go with worms. Just a thought! We were actually going to do that but Washington is so eco-friendly that they make composting beyond easy. They collect community compost in our yard waste containers. So all our food leftovers, waste, eggshells, whatever...all can be put in there. We actually use biocompost bags for it so it doesn't make a disgusting mess. I just keep a large crock on the counter always lined with a bio bag and then when it fills up..take it out to the yard waste container.It almost gets as full as our recycle container each week- when we have yard waste in it too that is. Very cool! We will want to start a small compost pile outback maybe for our new home garden but our soil is fabulous here. Everything grows...but tomatoes need more heat so we always fight to make them ripe enough..most people like them in greenhouses here...our next project for the backyard eventually. So there's my novel!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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