It's a sunshine day

(I actually wrote this yesterday, about the day before... and then accidentally on purpose fell sleep in BB's bed before posting. oops!)

I'm not really sure what was so great about yesterday. The GAWGEOUS sunshiney day? Being outside more than inside? Walking around campus searching for BigDaddy and seeing other grownups, ahem, adults? Feeling good about the direction my life is going? Maybe it was a day for everything to just come together. The Universe being aligned for me. It definitely wasn't a clean house (it looks like a tornado ran through) it wasn't my oh-so-cute ensemble (I threw on some jeans-that no longer fit!!! and are too long, my favorite shirt, a baseball cap and ran out the door sans a shower). It was just a great day.

As soon as the horses came 'round we ran outside, cameras in hand. I had our parental model (Luminex), BB had our older sony, and the Babe had our kiddie fisher price. We set out to be photographers. We had a blast. The day was beautiful and we hadn't spent a lot of time with "our horses" in a while. They were eager to see us and say hello. Even Old White Horse sniffed my hand for the first time. Zip, the most popular guy (he would be the high school QB that is gorgeous AND nice AND smart AND all parents love) hung out for quite a while letting BB get some great shots. That's him in the last two shots, with the white stripe. Then we ran around the yard taking "interesting" shots. I told BB to look at things that might be interesting or are special to you. Daffodils. His shadow. More horses. Our house. a bush. Then the kids wanted to go for a nature walk. This means walk over to BigDaddy's office and check out what's new on campus. Um... okay. Gimme 5 to pretty up a bit. *** run in, wash face, put on powder, pit juice, ball cap, ponytail) We're off!

The kids looooove going to BD's office. They say hello to everyone in the offices, sometimes get treats, and get doted upon. What's not to like?? BB had his camera out the entire time. I love it. The Babe? Not so much. She prefers to chase the cat with the camera and run around the house and document "Doll. Sitting pretty." or "Vacuum hose" or "BigBoy-Spiderman" or "FamilyDog...Backleg" That kind of thing. Outside she's my dreamer. Lost in nature, checking out blades of grass, playing in dirt, looking for birds. She can't be bothered with looking through a lens.

We finally found BigDaddy and walked home with him for his lunch. I STILL don't have his schedule down, probably won't til the end of the semester. But what else is new?

I took off to the bank and post office with BB while the babe napped at home with BD. He loves going to the bank. We don't do candy for the most part and he gets a sucker from the bank. So he was pumped. He yelled into the intercom "Thanks for my sucker!!! I love it!!" Off to the post office to grab some Priority boxes. I'm gonna do it. I'm actually going to sell some stuff on ebay. * Thanks Roxy for inspiring me!!

The kids are in an official Art Show next weekend. I'm pumped. We have some paintings and maybe some digital pics. But I still need to print the pics, do some matting, get it all ready to go by..... tomorrow. ack! I also called the local elementary school to see about registration. April 2. wow! glad I called. They will have an open house as part of registration. But I really want to see how the classrooms are when they don't have an audience and with, well, kids in them. So I left my info with the Principal's secretary and waited for a call back. I was actually getting a little stressed. Like wow, this is real. and wow. I'm waiting for my kids PRINCIPAL to call me. I know he's our "pal" and all (do you remember that spelling rule??) but it felt weird. Like I/he was in trouble. Can you say flashbacks of ditching in high school and just praying you weren't gonna get caught. Yeah.... moving right along.....

I tried to come up with some type of meal plan, but instead figured on doing meals in general, not necessarily day-by-day. I'm feeling overwhelmed and this is getting the job done, but still halfassing it as much as I can. Is halfassing a word? anyway.

Meal Plan:
Tilapia with Pimiento Sauce Recipe (made this tonight with brown rice, cooked in chicken broth. It rocked!!)
Chicken Enchiladas, coleslaw, Santa Fe rice and beans (going to try and duplicate the smart ones entree)
Baked Chicken, homemade nuggets for the kids
Roast Pork Loin w/ broccoli
Parmesan Turkey Meatloaf w/??
Scrambled Eggs with bacon bits, fruit, cottage cheese

Banana Berry Oatmeal Cups
Maple Syrup Scones

Our sitter comes every Wednesday, which is great, but she let me know last minute she had to leave early. aaaaack! NOT today. But even that didn't mess up my day, more crazy, yes, but BD said to just drop off the kids with him and we are good. Go BigDaddy!! I headed off to WallyWorld feeling good. really good.

I had my sunroof open, cruising down the highway, music crankin' in my jacked up minivan. I looked around and said "Self, life is good!" I feel great about the choices we are making. My body feels good, I've lost a little more weight. But now that I'm losing it again, little by little (3 lbs. from last weeks food fest damage) I'm not all that worried about it. I like what we are doing and I'm pretty satisfied with that feeling.

Tomorrow starts a crazy weekend. Homeschool co-op with a long lunch, rush to clean up for Papa, Dinner, Papa! This weekend should be nice again and we are going to build our garden boxes just like PW ordered me to!

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Brianne said...

Hilarious - I made the WW Parmesan Turkey Meatloaf, too. I froze some of it and just had some for lunch. Pretty good but I think I cooked mine too long. Kinda dry...good w/ ketchup though! :)


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