My entourage.

Yep. That's how I roll. With my entourage. It's a burden that us VIPs have to live with. Attention 24/7, arriving en masse, special requests, dietary needs. You know, cuz we're VIPS.

I never realized what special treatment I would get once I became a mom. Traveling with my peeps wherever and whenever I leave the house. Well, actually, even at home. Trip to the bathroom? There they are. Relaxing and stretching to my yoga tape? You know it, right next to me. right.next.to.me. Throw out my back? no worries, I have my people to attend to my every need. I can get you a Kleenex Mom! I'll get you a pillow Mom! I'll cuddle with you and put my head on your chest and help you feel better Mom! When do I get the hot pad?!? Me turn!! I want to be on this side!!

So here I am now. Cringing in pain from working out on Tuesday (the kickboxing? the sit-ups? not warming up enough?) and cringing from looking around.... the dishes, the laundry, the junk... no what? Thankfully a birthday present arrived a bit early from my stepsister. (Hallelujah!!!) Now there's play-doh all over the kitchen table and floor. But my peeps are busy. And not attending to my every need. thankfully.

But now I have this jacked up back. I even went into the athletic training room on campus. Being an official volunteer coach has it perks! But what could make me feel like a bigger dork. I'm surrounded by athletes, with REAL sports injuries. We aren't really sure how I did this, the AT said it could even be from just picking up the Babe. The little tank IS 38 lbs. She applied heat stretched me out. Something about my trap. Once it starts to "protect" itself, it gets guarded and the BANG. You get it all at once. Basically it means my back is throbbing from mid neck, both shoulders, and down my entire back. I have to go back again tomorrow. Is this what I get for trying to exercise, trying to be healthy??

I'm also I'm frustrated with my weight again. I had my junky eating weekend and went down two pounds. During the week I worked out, watched my eating, got back with my program and I'm back up again. uuuugh! I decided to get some of my warmer weather clothes out, which also included some pants that were a size smaller. Lots of the pants fit and lots of the shorts didn't. They were too big. I have to take it. If the scale is going to hold out on my, the least I can do is see that my body is changing for the better.

I know, I know, I need to look at the big picture. My peaks and dips are lower overall. But Man! When I saw that lower number I was fired up! And I want it back. Instead I am sitting upright, in pain and can barely move. The house is better thanks to BigDaddy, but still not totally picked up, and no way cleaned. It's BigBoy's birthday weekend, the kids' art show (forecast for rain all day) and my MIL and nephew are visiting. Can you say overwhelmed?

I'm having a pity party, I know. I need to snap out of it. Try to focus on the good stuff.

A few good things to share:
The Bolt Bus. Mid-Atlanticers have you heard about this?? From DC I can ride the bus for only 20 Bucks to NYC to see my sis!! It goes to Phillyand Boston too. I'm excited because this will allow my sister to come visit and vice versa. The train is great, but about $150 round trip. $40? Super Easy Peasy.

Where the Wild Things Are is going to be a movie. We loooove this book and it looks pretty cool. Not out until October.

BigBoy's birthday is almost here. My first baby will be 5! 5?! Okay back to my pity party...


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think it is important to have some grumpy pity party time. Its not natural to be happy all the time...of course staying grumpy all the time isn't good either. I guess we should just honor our feelings sometimes instead of trying to be perfect wives and moms all the time!

Anonymous said...

You can have a pity party to me anytime! I know we did on the phone Saturday..haha.

Lisa Spector said...

Rox- Yeah that!

Beege- party is over. we need to plan our visits and get happy!! :) love ya.

Anonymous said...

I want to come Memorial Day but Mr. Bolt Bus is not booking that far out yet. Wanted to try and come early but realized I have something every week until then with my travels, Suzie coming out and such! Would love to come out for Easter though....whatcha guys doin for that?


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