Victory Garden

Apparently The First Family was also starting an organic garden this weekend. But here's the best part... they are calling it a Victory Garden. (Find out lots of cool tidbits here) We are so on-trend for once I can't stand it! We were calling our little garden A Victory Garden (Thanks to Boomer Papa) . I hadn't realized they were calling the Obama garden a Victory Garden too.

I showed BigBoy some photos of Michelle Obama (like this one from the Guardian) with a bunch of 5th graders getting the garden started. He was so excited that we were doing the same thing as "The Obamas." I think it rocks that this is something the White House is doing. I know it's a PR photo op, but if I can use that photo op to get my kid excited about organic gardening and show him that even the president does this, all the better! It provides us with a great example from the top on down on what we all can do; one little victory garden at a time.

Now to decide on what yummy veggies to plant! Are you jealous yet? Ready to plant your own?

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