My response.

I started working on this post a few days ago, but got busy with the weekend and going to Home Depot for yard supplies. Then RonisWeigh beat me to it and had this post: Weekend Quote post. I love Roni's blog and knew this quote would be right up her alley. It's right up my alley, and probably right up your alley too. That's what I like about it.

It's my new mantra:
I'm responsible for my response.

I usually don't get all preachy or try to get inspirational (Heck, I'm just trying to get my own booty moving, not everyone else's!) But I stumbled upon this quote somehow here. Shiny Object Syndrome maybe?? But it really struck a cord with me. I liked how it really could apply to my life in so many ways... the kids, the jerk on the hi-way, BigDaddy, comfort eating, going Green even dealing with this recession and all the bleakness that seems to swallow us up wherever I turn. Though it got a bit churchy, preachy for my taste, I liked the overall message. And it really applies to so many aspects of my life.

Papa's visit rocked. Great weekend, lots of perfect weather, worked on the yard a bunch and then ended with lots of fun family time. We played bocce ball, horseshoes and ran around chasing bubbles. The best: I have raised vegetable beds!! (yep, that's them up there in the pic!!) Now we just need to fill them with soil. PW hasn't posted yet, but I talked to my step dad who had a killer organic garden and he suggested doing a lasagna bed. What's a lasagna Bed? Lasagna Gardening 101

We ate more junky food than I would have liked: Pizza, cheeseburgers, big breakfasts, etc. But my Whooper Theory kicked in and I'm down 2+ pounds from Weigh In on Thursday. go figure. I'm really getting used to smaller portions though. I ate so much less than I would have a few months ago. Need to figure out this week's meals and start planning our veggie garden. woo hoo!

The natives are getting restless, so off to my day job as short order cook. Happy Monday everyone!


Shannen said...

Lisa, awesome! My friend and I have started blogging about gardening and growing veggies. She's "Rookie Urban Gardener" and I'm "City Potted Gardener." We wanted to get ideas from other folks.
I'll be in CA early May for Travis' graduation (YIKES! can you believe he's graduating from college?!?!). Your mom and Craig are having the party at their house. I can't wait to get ideas from Craig about his garden!! :)

Nikki said...

These look GREAT! I can't wait to see them all full of veggies this summer. You are going to have fun with this I can tell!

Anonymous said...

The yard looks great!! Don't forget to compost..coffee grounds are great for this by the way, any questions about the organic stuff let me know, my parents have really enjoyed learning all about it!

Lisa Spector said...

CP Gardener- College? no really. tell me that's a big fat lie.

Nikki- Me too! I can't wait for tomato sandwiches!

Rox- We already have that going. BigBoy is all about composting. Did you see the Costco Composter tidbit? I actually ALWAYS think about what I am throwing out since I grew up in an organic garden environment. It's really weird for me to put coffee grounds, eggs and banana peels in the trash.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like such a great weekend! Can't wait to hear about what you grow :)

Congrats on the 2lbs! So I'm curious...what's the Whopper Theory? :)

Lisa Spector said...

The Whopper Theory. I thought I posted about it, but can't find it. Every so often I start to crave a burger, specifically a Whopper Jr. w/ cheese, w/o mayo (10 WW pts.) And more often than not, I lose weight after. I call it Shocking the System. I think my body starts to go into High Alert and holds on to fat. Having the shock of a burger or pizza or whatever, calms my system down and it releases the reserves, so to speak. This is not scientific, just listening to my body, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)


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