Hold my calls.

I think I need to change our voice mail outgoing message: Hi, sorry I can't get to the phone right now but I'm just too busy enjoying this glorious weather or blowing bubbles with my kids in the backyard or I am in a flower coma over at Lowe's again. I'll call you back around early winter! BEEEEEEEP!

Busy, sunshiney weekend for us. Monster swing set is going up and the garden is getting planted. I'm also prepping our flower beds for plants and flowers. I haven't entirely figured out what yet. I'll leave you with this fun video. This song came last weekend and I instantly felt a little cooler in my minivan. Nothing oozes cool like a minivan mama rockin out to Run DMC. ;) this is a later version btw...

Happy Weekend!


Deb said...

-->Have fun planting. We hope to till our garden tomorrow and get the veggies in the ground. Today looks like a beach day.


Lisa Spector said...

Deb-I'm jealous! Beach sounds wonderful.... A little too far from the valley for a quick visit. :( Enjoy your day!


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