A Ruckus Among Us

A few days ago BigBoy decided he wanted to drag out the ol' John Deere ride-on tractor. He hasn't really ridden it since last Fall. It caused quite the ruckus in the neighborhood. Good God, I love this place.

The horse all sprinted out from the stables across the pasture (the building to the far right.) What is going on?!?

Um, guys, we better stop for a sec and get a better look at this creature roaming around noisily. I think we need to stay close. Why is he waving?! (this is Zip talking btw. He's the guy with the white stripe on his nose in the middle.)

Still not to sure what to think. Safety in numbers.... and a good cluster doesn't hurt.

You guys stay over there....hold the tight formation! I'll investigate, says Zip, their mighty leader.

Hmmm. Okay guys, I think everything is copacetic, but maybe we should still hang out for a bit just to make sure. Hey you! Noisy Little Man! You got any apples in that there fancy machine??


Anonymous said...

I'll have to show my daughter these pictures. She loves horses.

Great shots!


Lisa Spector said...

FringGirl- Thanks! I have a horse lover daughter too. Especially white horses. What's with girls and white horses?? :)


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