too tired for a title: boxing, horses and food.

I'm BEAT! I woke up rested and then worked out to my new wii game Gold's Gym Cardio Workout. First thoughts: I love it! It was super easy to get started, you DON'T need Wii Fit (only a few moves use the balance board since it's mainly a boxing workout) but I DID use my second remote instead of the remote/nunchuck option.

You get your "membership card" to Gold's (laaaame) and then pick your mii (why don't these games use the wii miis??) fill out your info, pick your trainer, etc. I chose Alex so I could have some eye candy. If Alex asks me to give him a few more punches I'm game! Anything for you Alex, you hunk of boxin' love! Nina, not so much. It's more like "Nina, you skinny little B*#$, I know this is easy for you... but you obviously don't have kids or a post-baby body. I'm tired and the kids are yelling for me as we speak. So no, Nina, I don't have anything for you! Where was I? Oh, yes.... Fun music, if a bit cheesy, you can select on your own after you finish the basics lessons. I picked Eye of the Tiger. of course. (Mr. Hancock may have issues with the not-so-sophisticated graphics, but I'm cool with it.) This is a great review from youtube:

I went through all the "learning the basics" and got to the actual workouts. I picked the beginner level that was 6 minutes long. I love that it's longer than the wii fit mini-games (my big beef with the system). Mr. Snarky (aka Wii Board) told me I'm up to "overweight" BMI again. He also called me out on not checking in all weekend. Suck it Mr. Snarky! I'm a bit bummed I'm gaining weight again, but I know I am going about this the right way. Eating better, working out and slowing changing my lifestyle for the better.

I must have had a bunch of energy, or was on a runner's high kind of ride, because I went into super cleaning mode and went to town on the house. Not that it looks significantly better now since the kids ransacked their rooms and the guest room in the process of staying out of my way. DirecTV guy came out and fixed our set up (the receiver was bad). I think I worked it a bit too much today for my own good. I'm dragging and BB refused to take a nap which means no nap for Mama Bear. sigh.

I did manage to take a few pictures. I ran outside to catch the horses lying down. I've never seen them do this before, at least not all at once. Some weird climatic reaction like when dogs freak out before earthquakes? I wish PW didn't have 100 million followers. She would know. Or at least her hubby, MM, would. The only other horse person I know is The Boss' Wife's daughter. But I'd have to text her. And truth be told, I despise texting. I don't even like that word "texting." Sounds like a non-word. So I'll go googling around later tonight I'm sure. (Googling = word?)

I'm running out of steam and need to get dinner fired up. Without further ado, the Weekly Meal Plan. I'm not counting points anymore, just focusing on lower fat and natural ingredients. Plus they need to be fairly easy and quick to prepare.

Baked Eggplant Parmesan, sauteed veggies (asparagus, zucchini, yellow squash and red onion) leftover mashed potatoes. * made this last night and it rocked! We ended up having a totally vegetarian meal. yeah! We are going to try and incorporate a total veggie meal once a week or so.

Tilapia with Pimiento Sauce over brown rice (this is my new favorite meal. love, love, love it!)

Split pea and ham soup, crusty bread-- homemade? (from our Easter Ham leftovers)

PW's Mac n cheese, salad (I'm totally sold on this, but BB wants to make it.)
pork stir fry with udon noodles (based on this), "fried" rice

Breakfast for dinner: egg sandwiches, fruit

Make your own pizzas (toppings: black olives, turkey pepperoni, veggies)
PW's Apple Brown Betty?

batch cook chicken
easy chicken tacos, beans & rice

Italian Beef Sandwiches?



Steve Hancock said...

LOL Ok so I was not super impressed by the video for that as your predicted. Not really a complaint with the graphics as much as how the movement seemed and the sound. BUT a workout is a workout and it is great you are staying healthy. :) I do like my wii fit though...just need to find the right software for it. I was looking at this though to make the balance board a little more of a workout. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001P7C6EU?ie=UTF8&tag=wiibbg-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001P7C6EU

Personally though I am more of a secret Dance Dance Revolution person. As dorky as that seems, I ROCK at it. I am excited the Disney version came out for the wii about a week ago and need to get that. Comes with 2 mats so then we would have 3 which would be a blast with the kids. If you push it up to the higher levels you get a heck of a workout.

Roni said...

I'm with Steve... dance dance revolution kicks but. I haven't mastered the wii yet.


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