Man I'm having quite the time getting back into a routine. I guess it's a bit hard when you weren't actually very good at a routine to begin with.

Still in a S'meeps coma and bloated from the ham but we had a fantastic time with Aunt Bebe and her man Mr. A. We were all sad to see them leave. It was wonderful being able to have them over for the weekend. Another bonus to living here. Today was a weird day, I actually got some sleep last night-- can I get a AHYYAA!?! maybe not so much... But I got over 8 hours of glorious sleep and then woke up at 5:30. sick, right? I am hoping I can start getting up before SassyGirl everyday (translation 6:23 a.m.) It would be nice to get a jump start on my day. Anyway... later in the day I tried to get to my tasks. I unplugged the extra receiver from DirecTV to return it to them* and it dropped our entire signal. WTH? Another fire to put out. yippie skippy. got our tv working again after being on the phone forever, but now have a tech coming out tomorrow since the big dummy installer jacked it all up and connected everything via our bedroom. So I didn't get much done, however, I AM going to bed with a shiny sink tonight (see flylady?! see?!) I'm also doing a bit of housekeeping here.

I added labels for old posts since I never really did labels, like ever. So now it'll be easier for me to find old posts. Victory garden in filled and now just needs to settle and we can start planting. Compost bin arrived (BB was so freaking excited, I wish I had a video going on him when FedEx arrived!) and is sitting under my favorite tree just waiting for lovely scraps.

* In continuing my campaign for NO MAS! I called DirecTV and cut my bill by more than HALF! go me!! I scaled back our ridiculous package that ended up costing more than they (Verizon) told me. Our bedroom receiver hasn't worked a single day since they installed it. both times. so we've been without it for about a month now and I don't miss it at all. Gone! I would like to see our package get even smaller, but for now I'm happy with our baby steps.

A bit of a boring post, I know. But I can't be witty, astute and inspirational ALL the time you know? I'm working on a garden update for all us rookies since I know some of you are also venturing out in the dark, brown, musty world with me. I'm getting my meal plan figured out with recipe links so that will be up and going. Also got a new wii fit game I'm going to try out manana. So until then, I'm out.



Steve Hancock said...

What wii game did you get for your wii fit? The one from the trainer from the Biggest Loser is not very good. My wife bought that one when it came out but really has not used it much. She didnt care for it very much. I had a tough time with it also on a bunch of technical points but that is just my game profession background kicking in. lol I get picky after working in the industry.

Good job on cutting the cable bill. We do the same every once in awhile but then my wife gets some deal to get more so she can see some of the higher number cable shows. Something that you can do is get a real basic cheap computer and plug it into your TV. Then you just watch shows off the network websites or off sites like hulu.com but still full screen on your tv. You already pay for internet so why pay more for cable when you can get the same stuff through your internet.

Lisa Spector said...

you'll just have to come back for my semi-review post now won't you? I have to have teasers-- keep people coming back for more! ;)

Okay, Mr. Hancock- tell me more about this hulu thing and using it like a TV set up. Maybe that could be a next step. It looks cool- who owns it?

Shannen said...

Are you worm composting?? I've thought about doing the worm thing (only because I can keep it inside, not much room outside). Thought BB would get a kick out of "playing" with the worms :)

Lisa Spector said...

no worms, just basic old composting, but the munchkins loooove worms. They look all over for them and put them in jars (I free them later) ;)


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