Owning it.

I've been walking the fence for a while now and it's time to make the jump and just own it. As in, my semi-secret blog. I'm taking the next step: owning up.

I knew this day would come. It really hit home when I won a contest on a sister site to Roni's Weigh; www.skinnyminnymedia.com (her techie blog) It was to join her in Baltimore for a blogging conference. Yep, a full day of blogging goodness! So that's crossing the line, right? Making this all the more real. And this also means I leave the kids overnight. (Can I get an Amen Sista!?) I'm also staying with a family friend in BAL (like my parents are hosting her brother's graduation party since they all moved away type of family friend.) Which means the moms will know what's up. BigDaddy alone with the kiddos just does NOT happen unless there is a really, really good reason. The 'rents will all be in the know. I'm a Blogger.

Note to BigDaddy's friend; He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named who spilled the beans to The Boss' Wife- This Does NOT mean I am advertising my blog to all people in general.

I share my posts on FaceBook and the trickle down theory was gonna bite me in the butt. I can feel it. Friends of parents hanging around, family "FB friends" that I don't ever really see, but my parents do. hmmm.... this creates quite the conundrum doesn't it? It's hard to have a semi-secret with all these leak-holes. So it's time. I added my last name to my profile and everything. Can I BE any more official? BTW, I'm NOT a concert pianist nor am I the CEO of Staffing Plus. Just in case you were wondering.

I'm not sure why I've never mentioned it. I guess I wasn't sure what This really was. I've tried blogging before and it didn't last very long. I'm not a niche blogger so If someone were to ask me "so, what's your blog about?" I don't even have an answer. And what if it's lame? At least I have the loyal 7 that think otherwise. And as some of you know, this started as my diet and daily food journal. Not too exciting, unless you're into reading about how I ate a Sandwich Thin ham sammie with Laughing Cow cheese and Spinach for lunch again. Which I am into, but I digress.

With my now public announcement (I'm emailing family a link to the lunziness)I think I need to create some user guidelines for FaceBook as that will now be my only private slice of cyberworld. If you match my demographics- you're in! We're Friends! If you are a student at BigDaddy's work- you're out... until you graduate. If you are the same age as my parents or are friends with them or are them- you're out. Sorry AARPers, this includes you. If you all can figure out Twitter, you are more than welcome to join me there.

So here you go world... I have a blog. There I said it. If anyone needs me, I'll be in my cardboard box again.


Steve Hancock said...

Very cool. I can honestly say your blog actually influenced me to start mine finally after debating it for years. Even though I am a total techie as it is my career and I have had a computer since I was about 5 (sat in the garage as it was too big to come through the door - no monitor everything printed on a wide paper), I was never into the whole blog thing. There was just the time involved to have a well targeted blog I always felt. And I felt what was the point of writing one that no one was probably going to read or care about anyways.

I started reading yours and as you said about you not even being able to say what you write about made perfect sense. I thought that would be the issue but it is not. It works. I started mine which probably isnt interesting to anyone but I enjoy writing. It is a way to journal life in regards to my family and what is going on that if anyone might appreciate someday it will be my kids. It has just started though so I hope it will develop more and I can have more fun with it. As I have been writing more though I am thinking I need to create one for me now since I want to write more about my photography and trips and stuff. My wife wants to be more involved with the family one. You gave me the kick start needed though to explore this and figure out what I want to do.

Congrats on becoming "official" :)

Roxy said...

That is funny! I was just thinking I need a new FB account for the shiny happy fluffy people in my life that get the bleached out version of me.

I try to remember with kids, life, patients and just about everything boundries keep me sane!

Lisa Spector said...

Mr. Hancock- thanks! I am so happy you decided to just go for it. We get so hung up on making things "just right" and end up missing the big picture... just the act and effort of doing it. At the end of the day, this blog is for me, but it's my way to share with others if they are interested. Absolutely, do your photography stuff (I would love to learn from you) and travel info is always fun to read. My first real blogging series was about our trip to Buenos Aires last year: http://gregandlisainba.blogspot.com/

Rox- you always crack me up!

Vanita Star said...

Lisa-I look forward to your blogs! Even when it was about sandwiches. You hit a nerve with moms, wifes, women, sisters, friends, etc. I enjoy reading about you, BB, Sassy Girl and BigDaddy and probably feel closer to you now than when we were single party girls. Own it girl-you are awesome!

Lisa Spector said...

Thanks Vanita! Unfortunately, sometimes our lives are now about choosing a boring ol' sandwich. Much different then choosing a cocktail ;)


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